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bad week for biking

On Monday it was a beautiful day, but I wanted to get my hair cut before work. There was no other possible time to do it, and I had waited much too long already. So instead of biking, I drove to work.

On Tuesday, it started snowing before I even left home, and there was a lot of snow in the forecast. I told everyone at work that my wife told me I had to take the car, which was a good excuse and also true.

On Wednesday it was still snowing and school was canceled.

Walking the dog on Thursday I noticed that cars were being forced to cross the center line of the road by the masses of snow along the shoulder. Aside from any issues of safety, this meant that if I encountered any traffic on the bike I would be stuck in it. I don't like being stuck in traffic while cycling: it's against nature. So I elected to take the car and be stuck in traffic while motoring.

Ditto Friday. But Friday, finally, was another beautiful sunny day. Oh how I wished I could be on the bike, especially in the afternoon with the temperature above freezing and the bike path cleared again. A fitting end to a week of shame and failure (but shame and failure while staying warm, dry, and alive).

Actually the worst thing about not riding was letting down my fans. Everyone knows how crazy I am, so while all the teachers and parents who spoke to me as I directed traffic congratulated me on my good sense I'm sure they were secretly disappointed not to see my bike there perched on the snow drift. It'll be back next week!

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