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marks of childhood

When Zion was born he looked a little spotted and pimply, but it took just a couple days for his skin to attain that baby-soft smoothness so beloved of the marketers of feminine skin-care products. Smooth, flawless, and rosy-pink. The same can't be said for Harvey. Cuts and scratches, bruises all up his shins, poison ivy, mosquito bites—right now he is marked with all those things. He was marked with a whole lot of dirt and grime too, until his bath this evening. The boy loves his outdoor time!

Since he's the most beautiful almost-two-year-old in the Greater Boston area (at the very least) we very well could have gotten him into modeling or advertising, but aside from the tedium of having to manage the millions of dollars in toil-free income that would bring us (what a drag!), we'd also have to keep Harvey from marking up his million-dollar face. It's nice not needing to worry about that. He heals pretty quick, which is enough for us the way things are now.

Although I really should do something about the poison ivy growing by the cellar door...


If I've said it once I've said it... well, once... but the point is, even scratched up, poison-ivy covered and dirty as the day is long, Harvey would be more gorgeous than most of the little ones out there in child-model-world :)
But dealing with a toddler-star's ego sounds kind of scary ;) Imagine the demands... potty!... food... juice... probably not worth the toil-free income after all.

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