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Parenting update

Zion cut two teeth yesterday and then finally slept like normal last night. Which is good because I was about to take him to the exorcist. Which doesn't really exist. In my price range.

Here's a collection of cute things Harvey said recently. To remind me why I have children.

"I want to take my shirt off, mama, to see how my belly's doin!"

"'Can we build a tower?' he said in his curious voice."

"Mama, what you do to your hair?"
"I made it straight. You like it?"
"I like it left."

"Can I read you a book, caboose? It's called 'Jop and Boonin are not ashamed.'"

"We're crawlin!"
"You are?"
"I said, 'Zion, want to crawl?' I said that!"
"And what did Zion say?"
"He said, 'GaGa!'"

"Can you sing Mild He Lays His Glory By, the newborn king song?"

"Can we go to the church that has toys? It's called Bethlehem."

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