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the bitter truth

I haven't mentioned anything about the weather for a while now, but I have to say, I'm about the only one to have shown such forbearance. See, it was warm here for the beginning of the winter, but now it got cold. And not just cold, "bitter cold". Circumstances have prevented me from attending to the television at all over the past week (except for Heroes, of course!) but Leah tells me that the tv news made a great deal of the cold weather, up to and including broadcasting a live report in front of one of those big bank signs that shows the temperature alternating with the time. Well, how else are they going to show cold on video?! I did happen to glance at the newspaper one or two mornings, and they also gave the cold "snap" prominent coverage.

Sure, it's colder than it was before. But really, if 20°F is "bitterly cold" then what do you call 5°? Oh sure, there's a little breeze, which allows the excitable news personalities to bring up the wind-chill too, but even then the wind-chill adjusted temperature is still above 0°. You know, that's a warm winter's day in Mongolia! Last time we looked it was the heat, and now this. Weather is fascinating to more than just me, clearly; though my fascination generally manages to involve significantly less panic.


Drugs sucks!

Tandy Oiona?!?! I don't know who you are Tandy, but I find it strange that your last name is so close to my first name!

And to comment on your actual post, is pretty amazing how news people flip out about the weather. We're all going to die!!! or just be a bit colder than yesterday. On the other side of things no one is talking about the weather out here anymore cause it finally got warm again. It's spring in Seattle!

You're funny oona. I think Tandy is trying to take your place. She has yet to hold my hair back while i vomit, though, so you're still number one in the best friend category, don't worry.

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