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camping 2013, day 0: hooray for the road

Rascal lying in the water

he was ready to cool down

Just like last year, the drive up to Bar Harbor was pretty easy, after some pretty frantic preparations. But we got everything in the car, and since everybody knew we were in for a long ride all three back-seat (and trunk) passengers settled right down. Zion even went to sleep before we got out of Massachusetts, which was pretty remarkable as it wasn't much past 10:00. Harvey is all grown up now and, even though he was bored, he's great at not whining. In this context at least.

So we drove and drove, making our first stop in Bath for—appropriately—a bathroom break (and a top-off of the gas tank). Then it was on to Lincolnville for our favorite beach. Rascal enjoyed it as pictured above; the rest of us played in the waves.

Leah and Zion playing in the (tiny) waves

little waves in the big ocean

Mama even swam a bit, which was tough thanks to the low tide that exposed acres of beach and several crabs. Then we boys dried off and checked out the sights while Mama went to find some food.

Zion with his towel hood on in front of a dory planted with flowers

drying off by a boat like Burt Dow's

Our 16-year-old car does noble duty all the time, but never so much as on vacation.

towels and fried food on the hood of the car

our beach car

Eventually we resumed our journey, and we didn't need to stop again until we reached the campground. That's even better than last time, which is nice from a getting-there point of view... but I kind of miss our on-the-road adventures too. We'll have to work on that for next year. Of course, the campground was awful nice too, especially since our friends had come prepared to do some serious experimental campfire cookery.

a terra-cotta pot inverted above the campfire

food science

While a few kinks in the procedure might still need to be worked out, a pizza stone and that pot let Kyle and Margaret cook us a respectable—and very tasty—pizza. It went nicely with the burgers they also made. A brief shower as we were setting up the camp made us scurry a bit, but the timing was fine: tents were up by then and we were able to get everything nicely under cover. The subsequent rainbow was a nice omen and a fine dinner-time display!

a rainbow over our tents at dusk

looks like the gold is right about downtown Bar Harbor

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