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Zion doesn't like picking out a Christmas tree. He finds it too cold. So Harvey and I did the honors, rather hurriedly, as Leah and Zion huddled in the barn looking at animals. Harvey actually picked the tree, and the one he chose is a monumental specimen. We had to cut it down a bit to make it fit under the ceiling at all, both top and bottom; it's been a couple years since my sizing has been that far off.

Of course, it's only right that Harvey was the prime decision-maker, because he is five or six times more excited about Christmas than anyone else in the house at present. And that's not to say that the rest of us are failing to get into the spirit! In fact, we're probably all above average in our seasonal high spirits—he just is so far beyond average that we can hardly keep up. He had a terrible time waiting until the lights were on to start putting up ornaments, and as soon as the ornaments were done he was asking for help wrapping his presents. He got three done before we cut him off.

Given all that it's just as well he was safely tucked in bed when the fully-decorated tree fell over. It turns out that, not only is it a bit too tall for our house, it's also too wide for the stand we have. Since it couldn't settle all the way down as per design specifications, there was enough wiggle room that when something started it swaying it overbalanced and came right down. At least, I assume that's what happened; we were all upstairs at the time. Only three ornaments were smashed, and Harvey's presents just got a little damp.

I put a ring bolt in the molding behind the tree and secured it with twine; I hope that'll hold. If it does you should totally come and see our tree: it's very impressive, and very well decorated up to about four feet high.


we have an extra stand that might be bigger than yours.

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