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day camp

Did you know we're running a free, unaccredited day camp? We are! Today was our first day. We had eight kids (and one additional parent to help out), and after some playing, a snack, and a lesson on identifying poison ivy, we went for a walk in the woods.

kids running down a forest path

and away they go

The kids all carried their own backpacks with lunches, water, and other supplies; well, most of them. Zion didn't manage to make it to the end of our street with his on, but no worries, we had strollers along to portage any cast-off gear and tired kids (and despite dumping the backpack Zion needed to be in the stroller himself most of the way—but that's fair, he was the smallest one there).

Besides getting tons of exercise the kids also did some naturalizing. Harvey even brought his new magnifying glass along, and was very interested in the dragonfly larvae he noticed in the horse trough.

Harvey looking in the horse trough

curious explorer

The walk was probably close to a mile, and Harvey walked—and ran—the whole way, so he was tired out after all the campers left mid afternoon. I don't know what Zion's excuse was; I guess fresh air itself can be powerfully soporific.

Zion, Elijah, and Harvey asleep in our bed

rest time

All in all it was a great time, and we're looking forward to doing it again next week! Let us know if you want to be part of the fun: there are still spots available!


Are you taking advanced enrollment for next summer?

Absolutely! I would think it would be a bit of a commute for you though... are you going to be in town?

We may be! Or nearby- Providence. We are trying to weigh visiting for the summer (which we would love) against staying put.

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