Dec 31 (6:50p): Sunny, calm, and quite warm. A springlike smell in the air.
Dec 30 (5:58p): Partly sunny and warmer, with attendant softening of the snow.
Dec 29 (7:35p): Mostly sunny and warmer: a little bit of melting in the sun, but the snow is still powdery in shadowy spots.
Dec 28 (4:30p): Bright and sunny all day. Cool, but pleasant in the sun and out of the breeze. No appreciable melting.
Dec 27 (5:39p): Fine snow and strong gusty winds overnight and into the morning; about a foot of snow by the time it stops a little after noon. Continued cold and very windy all day. Mostly cloudy until sunset, which breaks through under the clouds.
Dec 26 (5:30p): Overcast and fairly cold early, with light snow mid morning until around noon. More snow starts mid afternoon with gusty winds; around three inches of accumulation so far.
Dec 25 (4:53p): Some sun in the morning, then becoming mostly cloudy with a few breaks of sun. Not too cold.
Dec 24 (7:00p): Bright and sunny all day. A bit above freezing: means some melting.
Dec 23 (7:17p): Snow continues into the morning, with one to two inches of new accumulation. Partly sunny and warmer by noon, with some melting of the snow.
Dec 22 (7:00p): Partly sunny and not too cold early, then becoming overcast and cooler in the wind. Snow starting a little after noon; no accumulation until late afternoon.
Dec 21 (7:19p): Fine snow continues overnight and into the morning, with somewhere between one and two inches of accumulation total. Partly sunny skies and above freezing temperatures by noon, then thin overcast again after dark.
Dec 20 (7:09p): Moderately cold and mostly overcast through the morning. Fine blowing snow starts mid afternoon, begins accumulating after a couple hours. Almost an inch on the ground now.
Dec 19 (7:07p): Partly cloudy early, then overcast by mid afternoon. Damp cool all day.
Dec 18 (6:34p): Partly cloudy and cold early, then warmer with more sun mid day. A little high haze after dark.
Dec 17 (6:51p): Clear all day. Cold but dead calm in the morning, light breeze and warmer in the sun in the afternoon.
Dec 16 (5:45p): Very light snow or very heavy frost early, then sunny but cool and breezy. Not as cold as the last few days.
Dec 15 (6:52p): Quite cool early with wind and damp, and continued cool and mostly overcast throughout the day. A few scattered snowflakes in the afternoon.
Dec 14 (5:25p): Very light dusting of snow overnight, then occasional flakes throughout the day. Damp cold and mostly overcast.
Dec 13 (5:23p): Rain overnight mostly stops before first light. Quite warm, with moments of spitting rain from mostly overcast skies. A little cooler in the afternoon.
Dec 12 (8:12p): Right around freezing early, so light rain mist leads to very icy conditions. Much warmer by mid morning with steady light rain, then harder rain and gusty winds afternoon and evening.
Dec 10 (7:00p): Very cold early (single digits) and partly cloudy, then becoming overcast, damp, and rather warmer by afternoon.
Dec 9 (7:00p): Clear and rather cold all day; breezy, but pleasant in the sun.
Dec 8 (7:42p): Clear, cold, and breezy—right around freezing all day. First indoor recess for cold weather ("windchill").
Dec 7 (7:00p): Damp cold and breezy. Ice gains on small ponds throughout the day.
Dec 6 (6:51p): Mostly sunny and cold in the morning, with a few scattered windblown snowflakes stopping mid morning. Becoming mostly cloudy by noon, continued cold and added damp. Breezy all day.
Dec 5 (6:28p): Partly sunny at first light, becoming overcast mid morning and clearing again late afternoon. Cool all day.
Dec 4 (7:09p): Mostly sunny. Pretty cool in the morning, warmer afternoon.
Dec 3 (5:42p): Clear and cold overnight; continued clear and cool into the morning, then becoming overcast by late morning.
Dec 2 (4:57p): Clear and quite cool all day. Breezy, especially in the afternoon.
Dec 1 (8:44p): Gray and very warm through the morning, then scattered wind-blown rain in the afternoon. Harder rain off and on after dark. Quite breezy.
Nov 30 (5:10p): Mostly sunny and cool early, then becoming warmer and cloudier beginning mid morning. Overcast by early afternoon. Nearly all the ice melted by evening.
Nov 29 (6:26p): Clear and quite cool early, then rather warmer-feeling in the afternoon; but some ice on the ponds all day.
Nov 28 (6:57p): Clear and sunny all day and rather cool: some of the ice in the wheelbarrow doesn't melt all day.
Nov 27 (6:17p): Mostly sunny and cool, though pleasant enough in the sun. Breezy off and on.
Nov 26 (6:26p): Light rain overnight and early morning, then gradually clearing skies. Cool.
Nov 25 (5:48p): Mostly cloudy and damp cool all day.
Nov 24 (6:20p): Mostly sunny and very breezy all day. Not cold by the thermometer, but wintery-feeling in the wind.
Nov 23 (6:08p): Light rain overnight. Flat gray overcast early, lumpy dark lowering overcast late. Quite warm all day, but very dark and gloomy in the afternoon.
Nov 22 (4:54p): Flat gray overcast and damp cool early, becoming colder as the morning progressed. Breaks of sun and warmer temperatures beginning early afternoon; continued warm after dark.
Nov 21 (5:42p): Mostly sunny and quite cool all day. A little high haze moves in after dark.
Nov 20 (8:17p): Mostly cloudy and damp cold early, then sunny and warmer by late morning. Quite cool after dark under a bright moon.
Nov 19 (7:16p): Clear and cold early; becoming mostly cloudy around noon; then clear again mid-afternoon. Breezy in the afternoon and quite chilly all day.
Nov 18 (6:27p): Bright and clear all day and very breezy, especially in the afternoon. Not cold, but felt cool in the wind. Calm after dark.
Nov 17 (7:09p): Hard rain over night; lighter around sunrise and stopping mid-morning. Partly cloudy most of the afternoon and very breezy. Quite warm all day. Even windier after dark.
Nov 16 (5:46p): Light rain mist and scattered drizzle early, then mostly sunny with a few glimpses of sun. Warm and not too breezy all day. Light rain starts up again after dark.
Nov 15 (5:00p): Overcast and not too cool.
Nov 14 (5:49p): Mostly sunny and cool early; overcast and a bit chillier by mid-morning and for the rest of the day.
Nov 13 (6:43p): Heavy frost over night. Clear and sunny all day; cool at first but much warmer by mid-morning. Cool again immediately after dark.
Nov 12 (5:58p): Freeze overnight. Clear and calm all day: chilly first thing, but quickly quite warm in the sun.
Nov 11 (7:06p): Clear and cool early; very pleasant in the sun by mid-afternoon.
Nov 10 (7:27p): Drizzle and steady rain and gusty wind early. Rain stops a few hours after sunrise, but overcast and wind continue all day.
Nov 9 (5:58p): Overcast and damp cool in the morning, then driving misty rain off and on through the afternoon.
Nov 8 (6:07p): Light rain mist early, then steady rain a few hours after sunrise. Rain mostly stops early afternoon and fast-moving clouds reveal a few rays of sun, along with occasional light showers.
Nov 7 (5:53p): Overcast and damp cold all day. Spitting rain and a little sleet after dark.
Nov 6 (6:02p): Mostly cloudy; cooler as the day goes on.
Nov 5 (7:37p): Warm all day. Mist and light rain most of the morning, then breezy and scudding clouds with a few glimpses of sun in the afternoon.
Nov 4 (5:26p): Rain most of the day: spitting at first, then becoming steady for most of the morning, then light rain or heavy mist from early afternoon on.
Nov 3 (7:48p): Hard freeze overnight. Mostly sunny and quite cold though the morning, then becoming clear and warmer in the afternoon. Not so bitter cold after dark as yesterday.
Nov 2 (5:45p): Overcast and a bit warmer in the morning, then clearing to mostly sunny by early afternoon. Clear and cool after dark.
Nov 1 (5:49p): Below freezing overnight and into the morning. Mostly sunny early, then partly cloudy through the afternoon. Quite cool all day.
Oct 31 (5:05p): Partly cloudy, cool, and breezy.
Oct 30 (12:45p): Clear early, then becoming overcast by early afternoon. Kind of cool and very breezy.
Oct 29 (7:19p): Partly sunny and somewhat cooler: cool in the morning and then no warmer at all throughout the day. Very breezy in the afternoon.
Oct 28 (6:08p): Continued warm overnight with perhaps some rain. Patchy ground fog early, then mostly- to partly-sunny and very warm (windows open and bare feet) all day. Quite breezy in the afternoon stripping most of the leaves from most of the trees.
Oct 27 (5:55p): Again very warm all day. Mostly cloudy with scattered showers through the morning. Breezy in the afternoon.
Oct 26 (5:00p): Overcast and misty early, then mostly sunny by late morning. Quite surprisingly warm all day.
Oct 25 (5:04p): Very light falling mist early, overcast and not too cool all day.
Oct 24 (5:35p): Clear and not too cold first thing, then quickly becoming overcast and cooler-feeling. Scattered rain showers in the afternoon.
Oct 23 (5:54p): Light frost. Cool early but quickly warmer under mostly sunny skies.
Oct 22 (4:43p): Quite breezy all day, with a fast-moving mix of partly- to mostly-cloudy skies. Rather cool in the wind.
Oct 21 (4:45p): Partly to mostly cloudy and breezy, with scattered periods of light rain throughout the afternoon. Fairly warm. Clear and rather cooler after dark.
Oct 20 (4:45p): Clear early, then mostly cloudy after noon. Fairly warm.
Oct 19 (6:18p): Moderate frost. Cloudy and cool early, then clearing and warming somewhat by late morning. Quite cool again before sunset.
Oct 18 (5:55p): Scattered clouds, cool and breezy.
Oct 17 (6:15p): Partly sunny and breezy. Fairly cool early, then warmer by noon.
Oct 16 (6:45p): Quite breezy all day. Mostly cloudy early, then increasing areas of clear sky as the day goes on. Cool morning and evening, warmer than we expect mid-day.
Oct 15 (7:07p): Heavy rain and strong winds overnight; rain lightens to heavy mist early morning, and stops mid-morning. Very windy all day, and generally cloudy with the occasional break of sun. Light rain begins again early evening.
Oct 14 (7:14p): Light frost. Clear and cold early, then becoming mostly cloudy and somewhat warmer by early afternoon.
Oct 13 (7:00p): Light frost. Wonderfully clear all day, and dead calm most of it. Quite cold early and late, pleasantly warm mid-day.
Oct 12 (7:09p): Mix of sun and gray clouds all day. Cool under the clouds, warm in the sun. Clear after dark.
Oct 11 (5:30p): Quite cool early but quickly warmer. Partly sunny: some moments of threatening gray clouds but more of sun.
Oct 10 (6:44p): Quite cold overnight, with a light frost. Warming quickly, warm in the sun shortly after it was up and then all day. Calm early, somewhat breezy later.
Oct 9 (5:32p): Beautiful clear all day. Quite cool early, but warm in the sun by mid-afternoon. Not too breezy.
Oct 8 (7:00p): Clear all day; a little cool early, but then fairly warm from mid-morning until after dark.
Oct 7 (6:20p): Mostly cloudy and cool early, then mostly sunny, warmer, and breezy after noon.
Oct 6 (6:50p): Overcast and cool, with rain of some sort falling most of the day: windblown drizzle or heavy mist much of the time, with periods of steady rain and downpour intermixed. Rain stops after dark.
Oct 5 (7:00p): Overcast all day and cool. Light mist from mid-morning through mid-afternoon.
Oct 4 (7:01p): Overcast and breezy and drizzle with periods of steady rain early. Rain stops mid-morning, and a few peaks of sun through mostly cloudy skies. Cool and breezy all day.
Oct 3 (7:28p): Very cool overnight, mostly to partly sunny and continued cool throughout the day.
Oct 2 (7:47p): Clear, dry, and cool all day, but strong sunshine to make it warm out of the shade.
Oct 1 (5:03p): Very windy overnight. Fast moving cloud cover and strong winds through the morning, with periods of light rain (in Lexington) and downpour (in Bedford). Less windy and cooler mid afternoon on, with rain off and on; heavy at times.
Sep 30 (7:01p): Low overcast and mist early, with a few light sprinkles in Lexington and brief downpour in Bedford (reported by Leah). Very windy beginning mid day and continued overcast with a few brief glimpses of blue sky.
Sep 29 (7:00p): Scattered clouds and hot all day. Misty and very humid early, then becoming somewhat drier by midday.
Sep 28 (6:16p): Light rain overnight, then overcast, warm, and misty at daybreak. Very humid and fairly warm all day, though breezy. Light rain off and on mid-afternoon, becoming steady and more windblown late afternoon, and stopping after dark.
Sep 27 (6:48p): Low overcast and mist all day, with drizzle and light rain off and on. Steady moderate temperature.
Sep 26 (5:20p): Partly cloudy and cool early, steadily cooler throughout the day. Overcast by mid-morning, and very light spitting rain off and on beginning mid-afternoon.
Sep 25 (6:46p): Partly cloudy and very warm and humid all day.
Sep 24 (6:22p): Low flat overcast in the morning, clearing before noon. Partly cloudy late-afternoon on. Warm all day, and very humid.
Sep 23 (5:36p): Hazy overcast and moderate temperature early, clearing and warming by late morning. High clouds again after dark.
Sep 22 (6:59p): Clear and warm—quite hot from late morning on. Continued warm into the evening, with some high clouds after dark.
Sep 21 (7:14p): Quite cool early, then warmer from mid-morning. A few wispy scattered clouds.
Sep 20 (6:03p): Clear and pleasantly cool all day; breezy in the afternoon. A perfect fall day.
Sep 19 (7:04p): Partly cloudy early, then clear and quite warm and summer-like.
Sep 18 (7:00p): Partly to mostly cloudy and cool.
Sep 17 (5:50p): Overcast all day. Steady drizzle early, then sporadic periods of drizzle and light rain. Not too cool.
Sep 16 (5:50p): Clear and very chilly early, becoming quite a bit warmer by mid-morning. Thin overcast beginning late afternoon, thick with light to moderate rain off and on in the evening.
Sep 15 (7:00p): Clear and cool early, becoming partly to mostly cloudy by mid-morning. Warm in the sun, cool under the clouds. Breezy.
Sep 14 (7:18p): Mostly cloudy through the morning and not too cool. A few very brief rain showers early afternoon, then mostly sunny and very breezy.
Sep 13 (6:17p): Mostly cloudy and cool through the morning, then clearing slightly early afternoon. Thunderstorms in the evening bring periods of light to moderate rain.
Sep 12 (6:10p): Lumpy overcast all day. Warmish and humid early, with a few drops of rain; rather colder in the afternoon.
Sep 11 (5:52p): Clear and calm most of the day, with a few small clouds here and there in the afternoon. Warm in the middle of the day, but much cooler early evening.
Sep 10 (6:36p): Mostly sunny, breezy, and not too cold early, then becoming increasingly cloudy: lumpy overcast with little breaks of sun through the afternoon. Cooler and windier as well.
Sep 9 (6:19p): Mostly sunny early, cloudy by mid-morning. Rather cooler in the afternoon.
Sep 8 (7:13p): Strong early thunderstorms, then overcast giving way by mid-morning to mostly sunny skies. Coolish and breezy.
Sep 7 (6:10p): A little light rain overnight. Lumpy overcast early gives way to mostly sunny skies by mid-morning. Warmer in the morning than the last few days, but cooler mid-day.
Sep 6 (6:30p): Clear all day. Very cool early, but warmer in the sun by mid-afternoon.
Sep 5 (6:45p): Bright and mostly clear, with a few scattered clouds in the afternoon. Cold in the morning; cool out of the sun all day.
Sep 4 (7:00p): Rain overnight, moderately heavy at times. Clearing by morning; bright, cool, and breezy though mid-afternoon. Clouds begin moving in late afternoon, some spitting rain after dark.
Sep 3 (6:12p): Mostly cloudy early; somewhat cooler, though still humid. Overcast afternoon with light rain off and on, and stifling humidity.
Sep 2 (6:21p): Heavy haze. Still very hot and humid, though breezy in the afternoon.
Sep 1 (6:00p): Overcast early, then cloudless but very hazy. Quite hot and humid.
Aug 31 (5:33p): Early overcast very quickly gives way to haze and mostly sunny skies. Very hot and humid.
Aug 30 (6:09p): Clear and very dry all day. Cool in the morning, quite hot mid-day, and continued warmish into the evening.
Aug 29 (5:40p): Clear and quite hot, especially in the afternoon. Continued warm into the evening.
Aug 28 (5:26p): Clear all day; quite cool early, then becoming quite warm and then cool again.
Aug 26 (5:28p): Mostly sunny, with the occasional cumulus cloud, some of them very dark-bottomed. Warm and humid but breezy.
Aug 25 (6:19p): Steady rain overnight, continuing until mid-afternoon when rain becomes lighter and intermittent. Quite cool early, slightly warmer after noon.
Aug 24 (6:19p): Low overcast all day, becoming cooler as the day went on. Light rain mist beginning early afternoon, becoming steadier rain by early evening.
Aug 23 (5:53p): Very cool and overcast all day, with light rain or mist falling much of the time.
Aug 22 (6:45p): Lumpy overcast all day; light spitting rain, with occasional periods of steady rainfall, off-and-on beginning mid-morning. Very quick-moving clouds.
Aug 21 (7:23p): Very cool over night and into the morning. Mostly clear, warmer mid-day. Increasing clouds to overcast by late-afternoon.
Aug 20 (6:48p): Warm in the sun but very pleasant indeed in the shade. A few scattered clouds and some breeze.
Aug 18 (7:48p): Overcast early, quickly clearing to mostly sunny skies. Moderate temperatures. Increasing clouds after dark.
Aug 17 (5:46p): Mostly sunny; fairly warm and humid but relieved by a nice breeze, especially late afternoon.
Aug 16 (6:28p): Drizzle to moderate rain overnight. Overcast and cool (but humid) most of the day; thunderstorms passing not-quite-overhead bring a brief period of spitting rain with a few minutes of bigger drops. Clearing after the storm.
Aug 15 (6:30p): Mostly cloudy, with occasional breaks of sun. Comfortably cool and breezy.
Aug 14 (8:00p): Even cooler overnight. Clear and warming quickly to seasonable warmth. Cool again evening.
Aug 13 (5:54p): Very cool overnight. Partly cloudy early, with clouds increasing late morning to over half coverage. Clearing and warmer by mid-afternoon.
Aug 12 (6:15p): Scattered clouds gradually increasing in number and coverage throughout the morning. Quite cool, especially by mid-afternoon.
Aug 11 (7:18p): Brief period of heavy, windblown rain overnight. Scattered clouds all day; moderately warm and rather humid, but breezy. Cooler after dark.
Aug 10 (6:46p): Clear, warm, and humid most of the day. Cooler early evening.
Aug 6 (7:14p): Warm and humid until mid-afternoon, then becoming breezy, cooler, and much dryer. Mostly sunny all day.
Aug 5 (6:55p): Overcast and hazy early, with a few tiny raindrops. Very humid. Partly clearing mid-day but stil hazy; distant thunderstorms and a brief period of steady rain late afternoon. Slightly cooler evening.
Aug 4 (7:43p): Mix of sun and clouds. Breezy most of the day but very hot and humid.
Aug 3 (7:41p): Mostly cloudy early, then clearing mid-afternoon. Warmer and more humid.
Aug 2 (6:15p): Periods of sun and clouds; darker clouds and just a few teeny drops of rain around noon.
Aug 1 (7:00p): Cold overnight: very heavy dew. Partly sunny, with passing fleets of clouds. Warm in the sun.
Jul 31 (5:35p): Mostly sunny with a scattering of small clouds. Rather cool morning and evening, seasonably warm mid-day.
Jul 30 (6:39p): Cool overnight. Partly sunny, with some dark-bottomed clouds from time to time. Warm in the afternoon.
Jul 29 (6:52p): Overcast with very light drizzle early, then clearing and becoming quite warm. Cooler early evening.
Jul 23 (7:15p): Overcast and cool early, with light rain off-and-on starting late morning. Rain steadier late afternoon, then mostly stopped around dark.
Jul 22 (6:17p): Violent thunderstorm right around midnight; clear and cool by dawn. A mix of sun and heavy cumulus clouds most of the day; breezy, cooler, and less humid.
Jul 21 (7:31p): Misty early, then humid and warm with a mix of sun and clouds. Distant thunderstorms late afternoon and evening; cooler late.
Jul 20 (6:07p): Slightly cooler but still very humid. Periods of near-overcast alternate with partly sunny skies.
Jul 19 (5:56p): Warm and humid; thin overcast early, then thicker and threatening mid-day but clear and hotter by early afternoon. Grumbling thunderstorms with light rain at sunset.
Jul 18 (7:10p): Mostly sunny and hot, but less humid. Still breezy.
Jul 17 (8:55p): Mostly sunny, hot, and hazy. Breezy.
Jul 16 (6:43p): Overcast and cool early, then clearing and much warmer by mid-morning. Hazy throughout the day. A few thunderstorms with moderate rain around sunset.
Jul 15 (5:47p): Mostly sunny and cooler, with a breeze moderating the heat of the sun.
Jul 14 (7:19p): Overcast all day with very light spitting rain off and on. Coolish but very humid.
Jul 13 (6:24p): Mix of sun and clouds most of the day. Humid, but not terrible warm. Threatening clouds gather slowly late afternoon and evening, light rain starts just before dark.
Jul 12 (7:00p): Partly cloudy and extremely humid early; quite warm in the sun. Thunderstorms developing early afternoon: two missed us by not more than a couple miles, and the third brought brief intense downpour and one loud peal of thunder. Sunny again after the storm and very very humid and steamy. Cooler and drier early evening.
Jul 11 (7:11p): Mostly sunny, with some impressive towery clouds here and there. Warm; humid in the morning, less so later. Quite pleasant by evening.
Jul 10 (7:00p): Partly cloudy and very humid early; not quite so hot. Increasing clouds through the early afternoon, then rain, heavy at times, mid-afternoon. Partly sunny and much cooler late afternoon on.
Jul 9 (7:15p): Mostly sunny all day; less humid, but again very hot in the sun. A little cooler by evening.
Jul 8 (6:31p): Foggy and overcast early, then mostly sunny. A little bit cooler than previous days; positively livable out of the sun.
Jul 7 (7:15p): Continued hot and hazy. Slightly cooler in the evening.
Jul 6 (6:59p): Hazy and extremely hot. Mostly clear in the morning, increasing cumulus clouds through the afternoon. Clear again after dark, but still quite warm.
Jul 5 (6:56p): Clear and dry all day, and very hot from quite early on. Powerful oppressive sun. Just slightly cooler after dark.
Jul 4 (5:22p): Mostly sunny, hot, and dry. A breeze kept all the outdoor activities from being too unpleasant.
Jul 3 (6:28p): Just a few clouds, nothing to shadow the sun. Cool overnight but warming quickly; fairly warm mid-day. Less breezy.
Jul 2 (8:02p): Chilly overnight. Mostly sunny and dry; cool early and late, seasonable in the middle of the day.
Jul 1 (6:01p): Partly sunny, with dark-bottomed cumulus clouds producing an overcast effect at times. Quite cool, especially under the clouds.
Jun 30 (6:00p): Clear all day and much cooler and less humid. Breezy.
Jun 29 (7:38p): Very hot but somewhat less humid early, with few small clouds; mostly cloudy and dark mid-afternoon and slightly cooler. Clear again after dark. Fairly breezy all day.
Jun 28 (6:12p): Very hot and humid all day. Misty early, then a mix of sun and clouds with increasing dark cloud cover towards late afternoon. Clearing again in the evening. Breeze off and on kept it bearable.
Jun 27 (6:02p): Mostly sunny and fairly warm most of the day; sudden dark overcast and brief heavy rain mid-afternoon, then quickly clearing again.
Jun 25 (6:12p): Clear and sunny and less hot.
Jun 24 (6:20p): Mostly sunny and quite hot and humid most of the day. A violent thunderstorm in the late afternoon saw maybe ten minutes of heavy downpour and then a little bit more drizzle; sunny and cooler afterwords.
Jun 23 (6:44p): Warm and very humid all day. Misty early, with the mist burning off and giving way to mostly sunny skies (with occasional periods of mostly cloudy).
Jun 22 (7:00p): Clear and a little cooler though the morning, becoming warmer and increasingly cloudy through the afternoon. A few raindrops after dark.
Jun 21 (7:26p): Mostly sunny, with big cumulus clouds here and there. Hot, especially in the afternoon, but less humid.
Jun 20 (6:27p): Hot and humid all day. Periods of mostly sunny skies alternating with fairly threatening clouds, but no more than a few raindrops at any time.
Jun 19 (7:32p): Sunny. Very hot most of the day, becoming quite a bit cooler a little before sunset.
Jun 18 (6:33p): Clear and very hot. Less humid.
Jun 17 (6:26p): Mostly cloudy, with occasional periods of threatening clouds but no more than light drizzle. Cool but very humid.
Jun 16 (6:40p): Clear early, becoming gradually cloudier throughout the day. Cool air, warm sun. Very light rain off-and-on beginning late afternoon.
Jun 15 (7:18p): Mostly sunny all day. Somewhat cool early; quite warm in the sun by early afternoon.
Jun 14 (7:16p): Gray and cool early, becoming partly sunny and rather warmer by mid-day. Overcast returns along with a bit of light rain early evening.
Jun 13 (7:12p): Overcast, cool, and misty most of the day. Some slight breaks of sun in the early afternoon.
Jun 12 (6:21p): Mostly sunny early; overcast moving in mid-morning. Cool. Light-to-moderate rain off-and-on throughout the afternoon, warmer and misty when not raining.
Jun 11 (7:19p): Cool and mostly overcast much of the day. Sun breaks through mid-afternoon, warmer and mostly sunny by late afternoon.
Jun 10 (7:09p): Heavy mist and light rain early, then drying somewhat through the middle of the day. More steady rain begins late afternoon. Overcast and somewhat cool.
Jun 9 (7:00p): Clear early, quickly becoming mostly cloudy and then overcast. Fairly cool. Light rain beginning in the evening.
Jun 8 (7:06p): Exact same as yesterday.
Jun 7 (7:30p): Cool and breezy all day; clear in the morning, becoming partly cloudy by afternoon. Less humid.
Jun 6 (6:41p): Light rain off and on from mostly cloudy to overcast skies throughout the morning. Warm and humid early afternoon, then cooler temperatures, overcast, and heavier rain off and on throughout the late afternoon and evening.
Jun 5 (7:21p): Violent thunderstorms overnight. Overcast with light rain and mist early, with some sun peeking through by mid-morning. Humid and quite warm. Another brief thunderstorm mid-afternoon.
Jun 4 (4:38p): Overcast, cool, and quite misty early; mist and overcast gradually burns off and gives way to mostly sunny skies and hot temperatures by early afternoon. Humid all day.
Jun 3 (6:26p): Overcast and warm early, then becoming partly sunny (with intermittent showers) by noon. Very dark thunderstorm with brief heavy rain early evening.
Jun 2 (6:53p): Clear and cool early, and still somewhat humid; becoming warmer and partly cloudy by mid-morning. Cooler again and less humid in the afternoon.
Jun 1 (6:15p): Thunderstorms overnight: very frequent lightning and moderate rain. Overcast warm and very humid through the morning. More thunderstorms with heavy windblown rain mid-afternoon, then light rain off-and-on. Clearing before dark.
May 31 (7:01p): Clear and seasonably cool early. Haze (smoke from northern fires) moves in late-morning, becomes fairly thick by mid-afternoon: brownish-gray at the horizons, though only slightly obscured blue sky overhead. Continues thick after dark.
May 30 (6:30p): Partly cloudy with periods of complete cloud cover through the morning, then clearing in the afternoon. Warm most of the day, but reasonably cool in the evening.
May 29 (7:00p): Clear and warm early, with clouds moving in beginning late morning. Overcast by mid-afternoon; thunderstorm with heavy rain followed by partial clearing.
May 28 (5:30p): Clear and somewhat cooler. Dry.
May 27 (7:00p): Loud thunderstorms with steady rain after midnight. Overcast and cool early, becoming mostly sunny and warm by late morning. Quite a bit cooler after dark.
May 26 (6:05p): Some cooling overnight, but heat returns by a couple hours after first light. Hotter than the previous day by mid-afternoon, with uncomfortable heat continuing after dark.
May 25 (7:20p): Clear and hot all day: quite warm and humid early, very hot mid-day and only slightly cooler after dark.
May 24 (6:20p): Foggy early, with the fog burning off quickly and giving way to clear skies. Quite hot throughout the day: the most powerful sun of the year to date.
May 23 (6:45p): Warm and mostly sunny much of the day; somewhat cooler late in the afternoon.
May 22 (6:25p): Clear and sunny all day. Pleasantly cool in the morning; warmer and more humid in the afternoon.
May 21 (8:20p): Sunny, warm, and humid early; becoming breezy and dry, and somewhat cooler, by late morning. Much cooler after dark.
May 20 (6:30p): Clear and seasonably cool early. Warming very quickly; quite hot indeed by noon. A few wispy clouds.
May 19 (6:51p): Overcast all day with mist falling much of the time; quite heavy mist at times. Gusty winds in the middle of the day.
May 18 (8:00p): Warmer and overcast all day. Light rain starts early evening, becoming steady after dark.
May 17 (7:00p): Clear and fairly warm early; mixed sun and misty overcast in the afternoon.
May 16 (7:00p): Bright clear and warm in the morning. Even warmer through the afternoon, and partly cloudy with shoals of flattish cumulus clouds.
May 15 (8:25p): Clear and pleasant early; clouds begin to move in mid-morning along with strong gusty winds. Partly cloudy the rest of the day.
May 14 (6:24p): Overcast and very light drizzle early, then becoming mostly sunny by mid-afternoon. Warm. More clouds return around twilight. The first good show of fireflies.
May 13 (7:00p): Clear, breezy, and seasonably cool in the morning, then a few overcast-type clouds and warmer after noon.
May 13 (3:52a): Light frost overnight.
May 12 (6:55p): Overcast all day, with occasional very light spitting rain. Seasonably cool.
May 11 (7:17p): Clear and cool early, then becoming mostly cloudy and somewhat warmer mid-afternoon.
May 11 (4:15a): Very heavy frost—indeed, a freeze—overnight.
May 10 (6:57p): Mostly sunny but quite cold and fairly windy early; seasonably warm, especially in the sun, by early afternoon.
May 9 (7:00p): Clear early, cool, and very windy. Alternating periods of overcast and partly sunny skies throughout the afternoon. Warmer in the sun, but continued cool in its absence.
May 8 (5:10p): Thunderstorms and rain squalls off and on all day, beginning before first light. Rain ranging from light mist to a few periods of heavy, wind-driven rain. No thunderstorms directly overhead.
May 7 (7:00p): Mostly sunny all day. Dry and breezy; seasonably cool.
May 6 (7:00p): Clear and warm early, then increasing cumulus clouds with a few splashes of rain. Wind also increasing throughout the afternoon. Colder by evening.
May 5 (8:00p): Bright and clear early, then becoming partly cloudy around noon. Not as hot and much less humid.
May 4 (7:30p): Sunny and warm in the morning, then becoming hot and partly cloudy by mid-day. Cumulous clouds increase throughout the afternoon, with occasional brief periods of strong wind and some rain. No thunderstorms overhead locally. Clearing and rather cooler early evening.
May 3 (7:30p): Overcast and muggy early, then mostly cloudy and hot the rest of the day.
May 2 (6:30p): Mostly cloudy; very hot and humid all day.
May 1 (7:43p): Clear and quite warm early; positively hot by mid-day. Breezy and quite dry.
Apr 30 (6:30p): Mostly sunny all day and fairly warm, though still quite windy until the evening.
Apr 29 (6:30p): Half overcast early; quickly becoming mostly sunny and remaining so for the rest of the day. Seasonably warm, but very windy indeed.
Apr 28 (6:30p): Clear and cold at first light; very heavy frost. Becoming overcast within a few hours of dawn, then light rain off and on all day, interspersed with glimpses of sun. Quite cold and windy throughout.
Apr 27 (8:30p): Gray and drizzly early, with rain becoming steady mid- to late-afternoon. Rain stops around dark, then clear and cold by a few hours after dark.
Apr 26 (7:00p): Gray and threatening rain early, then patches of sunshine and warmer by noon.
Apr 25 (6:20p): Partly sunny and somewhat cooler. Overcast by late afternoon.
Apr 24 (7:00p): Sunny and clear most of the day. Warming quickly—very warm in the early afternoon—but clouding slightly and getting cooler a few hours before sunset.
Apr 23 (6:40p): Gray and cool early, then a mix of sun and clouds most of the day. Warm in the afternoon when the sun shone.
Apr 22 (6:20p): Sunny and quite warm most of the day, with cumulus clouds developing after noon. A few brief rain showers late afternoon, then cooling temperatures just before dark.
Apr 21 (7:00p): Clear and sunny all day. Seasonably cool early, then becoming quite warm in the afternoon.
Apr 19 (6:16p): Clear and cool early, then a mix of sun and clouds with somewhat warmer temperatures after noon.
Apr 18 (7:30p): Overcast and drizzly early, then patches of sunny sky interspersed with light to moderate rain beginning late morning and continuing the rest of the day. A very bright double rainbow late afternoon.
Apr 17 (6:21p): Chilly, damp, and overcast, with light rain off and on throughout the day. Slightly warmer towards late afternoon.
Apr 16 (7:00p): Light rain overnight. A little sleet early, then light rain off and on all day, somewhat heavier in the early afternoon. Quite chilly.
Apr 9 (7:30p): Rain overnight. Misty early, then light rain off and on all day; some periods of heavier rain beginning mid-afternoon.
Apr 8 (6:30p): Sunny and pleasant in the morning, then becoming cloudy and somewhat cooler after noon. Breezy off and on all day.
Apr 7 (6:50p): Clear and seasonably cool early, then quickly becoming very hot indeed. Breezy in the afternoon, with clouds moving in late. Still quite warm well after dark. Small-leaf rhododendron blooming.
Apr 6 (7:00p): Clear and warm early, then overcast by mid-morning. Spitting rain and mist for a few hours around noon, then clearing by evening. Weeping cherry tree blooming.
Apr 5 (7:34p): Warm and breezy, with a mix of sun and clouds.
Apr 4 (5:30p): Hazy overcast early, then clearing by shortly after dawn. Mostly clear all day, and quite warm in the afternoon. Cooler beginning before dark. Forsythias blooming.
Apr 3 (6:24p): Clear all day and quite hot indeed from midmorning on. Reasonably cool again after dark.
Apr 2 (7:00p): Clear and warm—wonderful weather for sitting outside, about all day long.
Apr 1 (6:30p): Overcast in the morning, then clearing (and warming considerably) from around noon. First sounds of spring peepers this evening.
Mar 31 (6:13p): Mostly overcast, with occasional periods of misty rain. A brief glimpse of sun around noon. Still cool.
Mar 30 (8:30p): Steady rain most of the day. Significant flooding, including in the cellar. Very windy until mid-morning, and then off and on the rest of the day.
Mar 29 (7:00p): Steady rain most of the day, with a few periods of light rain. Some flooding (the lawn, but not the cellar). Warmer.
Mar 28 (6:00p): A mix of clouds and sun most of the day. Cool.
Mar 27 (8:55p): Clear and quite cold over night; temperatures in the teens. Continued clear and cold all day; above freezing, but ice in the shade didn't melt all day. Warm sun, however.
Mar 26 (6:54p): Rain overnight turns to snow around dawn; snow squalls throughout the early morning leave a dusting on the ground. Snow stops before noon; clouds gradually break up, sky clear by mid-afternoon. Cool all day.
Mar 25 (5:39p): Mostly clear, with occasional patches of high overcast. Breezy but fairly warm, especially in the afternoon. Increasing overcast in the evening.
Mar 24 (6:31p): Cool and overcast early. Increasing glimpses of sun throughout the afternoon, and very windy. Clear by dark.
Mar 23 (7:00p): Steady rain all morning, becoming intermittent around noon. Cold. Foggy in the late afternoon.
Mar 22 (5:46p): Cool and overcast all day, with light rain off-and-on after noon. Foggy in the evening.
Mar 21 (6:37p): Clear and seasonably warm early, cooling slightly in the afternoon. A few clouds throughout the day.
Mar 20 (6:23p): Mostly sunny and very warm all day. Occasional high thin clouds darken the sun slightly, but overall the first day of Spring felt like Summer.
Mar 19 (6:17p): Below freezing overnight, but warming up very quickly once the sun came up. Clear all day and the warmest day thus far this year.
Mar 18 (6:41p): Sunny and warm all day, with just a few wispy clouds.
Mar 17 (6:34p): Clear and cold (below freezing) overnight: very heavy frost by morning. Clear and warm all day; very warm and spring-like in the afternoon.
Mar 16 (7:31p): Mostly sunny all day, hooray. Cool early—probably below freezing overnight, in fact—but somewhat warmer by mid-morning, especially in the sun.
Mar 15 (6:05p): Rain all day, mostly steady but with occasional periods of drizzle. Temperatures decrease in the afternoon; some ice pellets and snow late afternoon. Rain finally stops a couple hours after dark. 6-7 inches of rain total for the storm.
Mar 14 (7:13p): Rain continues mostly steady all day, with brief periods of light rain and mist. Periodic gusty winds and heavy flooding.
Mar 14 (5:17a): Hard rain and wind continues overnight, flooding lawns; over 2 inches of rain so far.
Mar 13 (5:37p): Overcast early, with spitting rain starting mid-morning. Rain becomes steady by noon, accompanied by strong gusty winds.
Mar 12 (6:58p): Overcast most of the day; chilly early, and pleasant by mid-morning. Partial clearing late in the afternoon.
Mar 11 (5:16p): Overcast all day, with rain mixed with a little snow starting mid-afternoon and continuing off-and-on until dark. More normal March temperatures.
Mar 10 (5:06p): Clear and sunny all day; still above freezing a couple hours after dark.
Mar 9 (7:47p): Mostly clear early, slightly colder than previous days. Windy early, then warmer and less so; partial high overcast in the afternoon.
Mar 8 (7:00p): Sunny and warm most of the day, with strong gusty winds. A few clouds later in the afternoon.
Mar 7 (6:09p): Another sunny spring preview. The Concord River is extremely high with rain- and melt-water.
Mar 6 (6:47p): Beautiful, warm, sunny, and springlike, after a cool clear morning. All the snow is gone from our yard.
Mar 5 (6:29p): Overcast and damp early, then mostly sunny by late morning. Warm enough to feel very springlike mid-afternoon.
Mar 4 (7:00p): Light to moderate snowfall all morning, with no accumulation. Snow becomes intermittent after noon, mixing with and then changing to rain by mid-afternoon.
Mar 3 (7:17p): Snow early, falling thickly for some time but with less than an inch of accumulation. Snow stops around noon; damp, overcast, and breezy the rest of the day.
Mar 2 (7:00p): Mostly sunny and quite warm; positively springlike, especially early.
Mar 1 (6:19p): Rain and snow squalls intermittently all morning, with periods of very intense wind. Clearing somewhat mid-afternoon and onward.
Mar 1 (4:02a): Snow and then rain overnight, as well as a fair amount of wind.
Feb 28 (6:40p): Largely overcast with a few breaks of sun most of the day, with more clearing around sunset.
Feb 27 (5:40p): Snowing at first light, with a dusting of snow on the grass. Occasional flurries through the first part of the morning mixed with periods of sun; new snow nearly all melted by mid-afternoon. Overcast and heavier flurries mid-afternoon and onward, but no more accumulation.
Feb 26 (5:55p): Mostly sunny before noon, but increasingly windy and cool. Overcast by early afternoon, with occasional squalls of rain, snow, and sleet, heavy at times.
Feb 26 (3:52a): Very windy overnight, with periods of heavy rain. Not raining at first light, and patches of clear sky.
Feb 25 (5:57p): Misty with light rain early, and well above freezing. Rain gets harder after noon and continues fairly steady the rest of the day.
Feb 24 (5:45p): About an inch of snow on the ground at dawn but rain falling. Rain continues all day, quite hard at times, melting all of the night's snow and some of the old snow on the ground. Just above freezing.
Feb 23 (7:00p): Partly sunny early, then overcast with occasional light snow and rain by noon. Air very damp and springlike, though not too much above freezing. Heavier rain begins well after dark.
Feb 22 (7:01p): Bright and sunny in the morning; increasing clouds and partial overcast by mid-afternoon. Above freezing, but cold when the wind blew.
Feb 21 (5:45p): Intervals of sun and clouds all day. Warm, with yet more snow-melt, but quite breezy.
Feb 19 (6:42p): Overcast until mid-morning, with a few very light snow flurries. Mostly sunny the rest of the day, and quite breezy. Just about freezing.
Feb 18 (7:38p): Overcast at first light, then mostly sunny for the rest of the day. Very warm and springlike: more than half the new snow melted from sunny spots.
Feb 17 (6:02p): Sun shining bright on the snow early, then increasing clouds and full gray overcast by early afternoon. Warmer late, with some melting and alot of softening of the snow.
Feb 16 (7:58p): Light snow starting at first light, on and off most of the morning with less than an inch of accumulation. Snow picks up around noon, falls especially heavily mid-afternoon; three to four inches on the ground by dark. Light snow continues after dark, with about an inch more accumulating.
Feb 15 (7:00p): Mostly overcast in the morning, then mostly clear by mid-afternoon. Right around freezing, and a little less windy.
Feb 14 (5:50p): Mostly sunny in the morning, mostly overcast in the afternoon; somewhat breezy all day. A bit above freezing, softening up the snow slightly, but cool-feeling with the wind.
Feb 13 (7:34p): Overcast for most of the day, but not too cold.
Feb 12 (7:08p): Clear and sunny again. Right around freezing; felt colder with the wind.
Feb 11 (5:21p): Beautiful clear and sunny, though somewhat breezy. Well above freezing by mid-morning; below freezing again after dark.
Feb 10 (4:12p): Overcast and not cold early. Light snow off-and-on beginning mid-morning, mixing with a little rain after noon. Slightly heavier an hour before dark, with about a quarter-inch on the ground by dark. A little above freezing all day.
Feb 9 (7:20p): Clear, cold, and windy early. Warmer by noon: about freezing, though still cool with the wind. Overcast begins moving in late afternoon.
Feb 8 (6:33p): Mostly sunny early, then mostly cloudy alternating with overcast later. Quite windy; cold early, less so late. Clear and even windier after dark.
Feb 7 (7:24p): Clear and cold all day, though the sun gives off alot more warmth than it did this time last month.
Feb 7 (5:48a): Very windy overnight. Clear and cold and still breezy at first light.
Feb 6 (6:48p): Overcast and quite cold early, with a few scattered snowflakes mid-morning. Clearing slightly after noon, and a little warmer, but still well below freezing.
Feb 5 (6:28p): Mostly sunny with scattered clouds early, hazy overcast by mid-afternoon. Again right around freezing.
Feb 4 (5:07p): Bright and clear all day, with warm sun being balanced by a brisk cold wind. Around freezing all day, but felt colder with the wind.
Feb 3 (6:01p): Snowing at first light: very small flakes. Snow continues lightly through the morning, with less than a half inch of accumulation. Mostly overcast through the afternoon, with a few breaks of sun. Rather warmer: above freezing, though damp. New snow largely melted by late afternoon.
Feb 2 (7:10p): Mostly clear early, and fairly cold. Misty overcast by noon, increasing in opacity through the afternoon. Partly clear again by sunset. Slightly warmer and more humid than previous days.
Feb 1 (5:36p): Again mostly clear but chilly, especially when the wind was blowing.
Jan 31 (5:28p): Sunny with just a few fluffy clouds. Cold early; somewhat warmer by afternoon with the strong sun.
Jan 30 (5:03p): Clear and even colder early, but not too windy. Thin overcast moves in mid-afternoon, with somewhat warmer temperatures. Clearing again after dark. The old snow is solid all the way to the ground and feels like styrofoam.
Jan 29 (5:11p): Bright and sunny all day, but quite windy and bitterly cold. Bright full moon after dark.
Jan 29 (4:10a): Very windy overnight.
Jan 28 (5:56p): Mostly sunny early then snow-looking overcast by mid-morning; occasional snow squalls, some pretty intense, from late morning on. Frozen fog made for very slick roads just after sunset.
Jan 27 (5:41p): Bright and clear til past noon, then mostly overcast by late afternoon. Around freezing. Clear again after sunset, with a bright almost-full moon on what's left of the snow.
Jan 26 (6:37p): Very variable: alternating between mostly sunny skies and warm, and overcast and breezy and cool. Occasional passing flurries. Mostly clear by sunset.
Jan 25 (7:27p): Overcast and very warm early, with some spitting drizzle. Rain starts around noon: very heavy at times, and with high winds; mostly over by sunset. Warm all day, with a great deal of snow melt.
Jan 24 (4:27p): Sunny early, but overcast quickly takes over. Right around freezing all day, and damp. A little spitting drizzle before sunset.
Jan 23 (5:16p): Bright and clear. Chilly in the morning, and below freezing all day, but quite pleasant with the sun.
Jan 22 (5:36p): Mostly clear, with occasional high thin overcast. Right around freezing. Red sky at night.
Jan 21 (5:37p): Sunny all day. Right around freezing or just above during daylight, but felt warmer with the sun.
Jan 20 (6:08p): Bright sunny and rather warm early, then overcast and damp by noon. Mix of sun and clouds though the afternoon, then clear again by sunset. Above freezing all day until sunset.
Jan 19 (6:55p): Snow off and on most of the day, but warm enough that there was very little accumulation: about an inch on top of the existing snow, and just a dusting on cars and road surfaces.
Jan 19 (10:13a): Glaze ice on the roads and on top of the snow at dawn. Snow starts about an hour after sunrise, off and on past noon.
Jan 18 (4:37p): Light snow or snow mist off and on from mid-morning to mid-afternoon. Some breaks in the overcast later in the afternoon. Above freezing.
Jan 18 (6:57a): Rain mixes with snow and ice pellets overnight. Snow gives way to ice pellets only a little after sunrise. 4-5 inches of heavy, grainy snow overnight.
Jan 17 (6:24p): Mottled overcast and slightly cooler all day, though still above freezing. Rain starts after dark.
Jan 16 (7:44p): Bright and sunny all day, and very warm. Well above freezing most of the day--all but early morning and after sunset.
Jan 15 (5:04p): Patchy mottled overcast with occasional breaks of sun. Much warmer: turns the snow ugly after a good twelve days or so of pretty powder.
Jan 14 (5:20p): Brilliantly clear and sunny early, moderating the cold temperatures and melting things a little by afternoon. Mostly cloudy late afternoon and evening; somewhat warmer.
Jan 13 (5:22p): Mix of sun and clouds early; windy and bitter cold. Overcast after noon, with flurries and warmer temps.
Jan 12 (7:46p): Mix of sun and clouds, with sun fighting through overcast. Colder than it looked, especially with a brisk afternoon breeze.
Jan 11 (4:30p): Mostly sunny, with occasional high clouds. Quite cold in the morning, then more reasonable later.
Jan 10 (5:11p): Mostly sunny, with a few scattered clouds. Felt bitter cold, especially in the brisk wind.
Jan 9 (4:10p): Bright sun and blue skies all day. Still pretty chilly though: well below freezing.
Jan 8 (2:15p): Light snow off and on all day. Low gray overcast early, then glimpses of sun among clouds the rest of the day. Safely below freezing.
Jan 7 (6:08p): Bright sun all day. Quite breezy; a little above freezing.
Jan 6 (5:58p): Mostly sunny most of the day; not cold, but cool in the gusty wind.
Jan 5 (4:32p): Flat gray overcast in the morning, then mostly cloudy. Right around freezing.
Jan 4 (4:46p): Mostly sunny and breezy in the morning, then gray for the afternoon. Temperature just below freezing.
Jan 3 (4:16p): Snow stopped around noon, then intermittent after two. Snow melting from roofs in the afternoon: great icicle production.
Jan 3 (6:52a): At dawn, very fine blowing snow falling hard. Bigger flakes after 9:00.
Jan 2 (3:46p): Fine snow started before bed last night and continued through the night and most of the day. Slightly heavier at times but mostly misty with the cold. Four or five inches of accumulation total.
Jan 1 (5:33p): Somewhat warmer in the afternoon, with patches of sun. Some melting.
Jan 1 (8:05a): Mostly gray with patches of sun. A little warmer, but chilly with the humidity.