Feb 5 (7:00p): Right around freezing overnight. Clear early then becoming overcast, with a few snowflakes late morning; breaks of sun in the afternoon. Above freezing but damp chill all day.
Jan 27 (4:59p): Mild all day, though damp. Clear and springlike in the morning, then some clouds afternoon and breezy, though still well above freezing. Overcast after dark.
Jan 26 (7:00p): Fairly mild overnight. Clear early, then a few clouds afternoon. Above freezing all day.
Jan 25 (5:30p): Overcast and damp all day; above freezing, but raw with falling mist off and on. Warmer and breezy after dark, with more rain.
Jan 24 (7:00p): Sunny early, then hazy overcast taking over afternoon. Mild: above freezing by mid morning, and just around freezing after dark.
Jan 23 (6:58p): Cold overnight. Hazy overcast and steadily warmer—above freezing through the middle of the day, and just barely below after dark.
Jan 22 (3:21p): Quite cold overnight. Bright and clear all day and steadily warmer: above freezing mid afternoon.
Jan 21 (2:04p): Sunny and cold early, then some hazy clouds mid day. Clear again afternoon.
Jan 20 (7:00p): Mostly sunny and chilly—easily below freezing all day.
Jan 19 (5:20p): Four or five inches of light fluffy snow overnight. Clear at first light and quickly warmer—above freezing by late morning. Mostly cloudy from mid afternoon.
Jan 18 (7:00p): Cold and damp. Thin overcast in the morning, then a little sun mid day, then thicker clouds from mid afternoon. Fine snow beginning late afternoon and accumulating right away.
Jan 17 (6:20p): Strong gusty winds overnight. Bright and clear and much cooler; well below freezing all day, and breezy.
Jan 16 (7:00p): Overcast early with light snow changing to drizzle and falling the first part of the morning. A mix of sun and clouds through the middle of the day, then cloudy again towards afternoon and cooler. Breezy after dark.
Jan 15 (6:45p): A mix of sun and clouds and fairly mild—above freezing all day.
Jan 14 (7:00p): A little above freezing and mostly cloudy. Drizzle after dark.
Jan 13 (6:29p): Just below freezing overnight. Overcast all day. Snow early, sticking right away but no depth of accumulation. Warm enough to melt the snow mid day but damp and raw.
Jan 12 (6:57p): Warm and springlike most of the day. Intervals of clouds and sun in the morning with a few brief showers, then mostly sunny afternoon. Breezy afternoon and cooler, but still above freezing after dark.
Jan 11 (6:46p): Above freezing overnight, then warmer still in the morning: mild and springlike by mid morning. Still well above freezing after dark. Breezy all day.
Jan 10 (6:33p): Mostly sunny in the morning, then overcast afternoon. Steadily warmer through the day, without much cooling after dark.
Jan 9 (5:06p): Mostly sunny and cool—below freezing all day. Some clouds after dark.
Jan 8 (5:42p): Mostly sunny much of the day, and right around freezing; then hazy overcast with a few snowflakes late afternoon. Clearing and breezy after dark.
Jan 7 (6:22p): Mostly cloudy and coldish; around freezing or just a little above all day.
Jan 6 (7:00p): Mostly sunny and chilly in the morning, then overcast with a few snowflakes afternoon. Below freezing all day.
Jan 5 (7:00p): Just freezing overnight. Mild and mostly sunny the first part of the morning, then breezy and cooler mid morning. Chilly with a mix of sun and clouds afternoon.
Jan 4 (7:00p): Above freezing overnight. Mild and overcast all day, with light rain in the middle of the day.
Jan 3 (6:57p): Overcast and fairly mild—a little above freezing all day.
Jan 2 (4:00p): A mix of sun and clouds and mild—almost springlike in the middle of the day.
Jan 1 (7:00p): A mix of sun and clouds. Right around freezing: mild in the sun, but chilly under the clouds with a bit of breeze.