Dec 31 (7:00p): Overcast, coolish, and damp. Warmer and quite foggy after dark.
Dec 30 (5:45p): Overcast and damp cold in the morning, then somewhat warmer—above freezing—in the afternoon.
Dec 29 (5:29p): Very windy overnight. Clear and cold all day—quite cold early, and never above freezing.
Dec 28 (5:13p): Mostly sunny and rather warm early, then clouds and cooler beginning mid morning. Below freezing before dark.
Dec 27 (6:20p): Cool and overcast early but quickly warming; quite warm by late afternoon. A little rain late afternoon and then harder rain and gust wind after dark.
Dec 25 (5:09p): Overcast or mostly cloudy, cool, and raw, with scattered snowflakes falling for a while late morning. Warmer late afternoon and evening.
Dec 24 (6:51p): Clear and quite cool.
Dec 23 (6:53p): Light rain overnight, then spitting rain and slush pellets early morning. Steady temperatures a little above freezing all day; mostly cloudy with a few breaks of sun. Clearer after dark.
Dec 22 (5:55p): Positively spring-like early, then breezy and slightly cooler but still unseasonably warm afternoon. Overcast morning and evening, partly sunny mid day.
Dec 21 (6:04p): Overcast and coolish in the morning. Warmer with light rain off and on in the afternoon, and warmer still after dark.
Dec 20 (6:00p): Alternating sun and clouds. Cold and calm early, then somewhat warmer but breezy in the afternoon.
Dec 19 (3:46p): Clear and quite cold overnight. Becoming mostly cloudy mid morning but still well below freezing, then mostly sunny afternoon and somewhat warmer. Warmer still after dark: above freezing for the first time all day.
Dec 18 (5:47p): Clear and quite cold, especially overnight. Below freezing all day.
Dec 17 (4:57p): Clear and coolish early, then mostly cloudy and colder late morning on.
Dec 16 (6:43p): Mostly sunny and very windy, especially in the morning. Warm in the sun but quite chilly with the breeze.
Dec 15 (6:00p): Coolish and overcast with spitting rain off and on through the morning.
Dec 13 (4:08p): Clear and well below freezing overnight. Calm most of the day and rather warmer early afternoon, but quickly cool again after dark.
Dec 12 (4:52p): Cold overnight: ice on shallow ponds and around brook edges. Warm in the sun mid day but below freezing again early evening. High haze after dark.
Dec 11 (6:00p): Clear and rather cool: first nice day that was also cold.
Dec 10 (6:00p): Mostly cloudy and cold early, with a very few scattered snowflakes. Clearing afternoon and still cold.
Dec 9 (5:34p): Clear, calm, and cool (below freezing) early, then somewhat warmer with a little bit of a breeze in the afternoon. Patches of high overcast in the afternoon.
Dec 8 (5:39p): Heavy rain and strong gusty wind overnight. Some minor flooding. Clear and cold and continued windy through the morning, then somewhat calmer later in the afternoon.
Dec 7 (5:51p): Rain most of the day—heavy at times, especially late afternoon and evening. Fairly warm in the morning, cooler in the afternoon.
Dec 6 (5:17p): Overcast and warm, with some light rain overnight and more off and on throughout the afternoon and evening.
Dec 5 (5:48p): Thick but patchy fog burns away in the morning leaving partly cloudy skies. Cool and damp early, becoming quite unseasonably warm by early afternoon. Continued warmish after dark.
Dec 4 (5:22p): Cool and damp. Alternately overcast and partly sunny.
Dec 3 (4:34p): Mostly sunny and seasonably cool.
Dec 2 (5:58p): Clear and cold overnight: well below freezing. Quickly warmer in the sun but still cool. Some clouds late afternoon, then clear again after dark.
Dec 1 (5:59p): Clear, breezy, and chilly in the morning. Warm sun afternoon but still rather cool in the shade.
Nov 30 (6:00p): Hard rain and gusty wind overnight. Partly cloudy all day and not too cool.
Nov 29 (5:20p): Mostly cloudy and strangely, unseasonably warm all day. Breezy in the afternoon; a brief rain shower after dark.
Nov 28 (4:35p): Partly to mostly cloudy and quite warm. Breezy, especially around mid day. Continued warmish after dark.
Nov 27 (5:00p): Thick fog at daybreak and not too cool but very damp and clammy. Fog lifts mid morning; continued overcast or mostly cloudy skies until mid afternoon, then increasingly sunny. Clear after dark.
Nov 26 (5:29p): Mostly sunny and warm in the morning, then cloudier and a little cooler after mid afternoon.
Nov 25 (4:27p): Heavy frost overnight. Clear all day and quickly warmer; quite unseasonably warm in the afternoon.
Nov 24 (5:10p): Mostly sunny; cool but not cold.
Nov 23 (6:10p): Cold with windy spitting rain overnight and into the morning. Rain stops late morning but continued cold and quite breezy. A few large drops of slushy rain early evening, then clearing some time after dark.
Nov 22 (4:56p): Clear and cold overnight with a very heavy frost. Continued cold through the morning, but pleasant enough in the sun. Increasing clouds through the afternoon and evening.
Nov 21 (4:51p): Mostly cloudy, cool, and quite breezy early. Temperature steady or declining through the late morning and all afternoon, with fewer clouds later. Clear and calm after dark.
Nov 20 (5:36p): Clear at first light then partly cloudy the rest of the day. Breezy but quite mild: barefoot weather mid day.
Nov 18 (5:05p): Clear and cold, especially early in the gusty wind.
Nov 17 (5:55p): Mostly sunny and cool early, then overcast by mid morning with no warming at all—maybe a little cooler. A few drops of light rain late afternoon and evening.
Nov 16 (6:00p): Cooler. Overcast all day, with steady drizzle beginning mid afternoon; more steady rain late afternoon then spitting drizzle after dark.
Nov 15 (6:00p): Quite warm under lumpy overcast all day. Not too breezy in the morning; a little more so and slightly cooler afternoon.
Nov 14 (5:41p): Mild and breezy all day. Clear early then becoming overcast by late morning.
Nov 13 (5:07p): Mostly sunny and mild morning, then mostly cloudy, breezy, and somewhat cooler afternoon.
Nov 11 (4:22p): Mild and overcast early, then partly to mostly sunny and very breezy late morning. Mostly cloudy mid afternoon and rather colder (and still breezy); very brief fall of large raindrops and ice and then a little falling mist. Clear again just before sunset.
Nov 10 (6:49p): Overcast with a few breaks of sun in the morning, then light rain beginning around noon; heavier off and on through the afternoon and evening, then trailing off to light falling mist well after dark. Mild all day.
Nov 9 (6:16p): Morning sunny, warmish, and misty, then warmer yet and still clear through the afternoon. Fast-moving high clouds after dark.
Nov 7 (3:53p): Clear and dry. Around freezing overnight but quickly warmer in the morning and fairly warm throughout the day.
Nov 6 (3:46p): Bright and sunny all day. Quite cool early but warming fairly quickly: comfortable by late morning. Not too cool after dark.
Nov 5 (5:03p): Bright and clear all day. Strong sun makes it feel warmish mid day, but quite cool morning and evening, and all day in the shade.
Nov 4 (6:14p): Mostly sunny and quite breezy. Consistent cool temperatures all day.
Nov 3 (4:10p): Freeze overnight. Cool and clear early with some ground fog, then warming gradually through the morning; fairly warm by early afternoon, and breezy. Snow melted except in piles.
Nov 2 (7:07p): Clear. Quite cold overnight and into the morning, then becoming more moderate late morning and through the afternoon.
Nov 1 (7:00p): Overcast, damp, and chilly.
Oct 31 (4:57p): Hard freeze overnight. Clear and cool most of the day: warm enough to melt a lot of the snow in full sun but not very much in shade or on north-facing roofs. High haze beginning around sunset.
Oct 30 (5:38p): 3 or 4 inches of very wet heavy snow overnight. Overcast at first light but quickly becoming mostly sunny; more clouds afternoon, then clear after dark. Quite cold all day, and breezy.
Oct 29 (5:08p): Cold and damp with low overcast. Light spitting rain beginning early afternoon and becoming steadier mid afternoon; rain changes to snow a little before sunset and starts accumulating right away.
Oct 28 (6:08p): Not much more snow, but very cold overnight. Bright, sunny, and cold; Breezy with a few clouds in the afternoon. Most snow melted by late morning, but some in deep shady spots last out the day.
Oct 27 (6:17p): Breezy and rainy overnight. Cold with light spitting rain through the morning, then steady rain and gusty winds after noon. Rain changes to wet snow after dark, with a little accumulation so far on everything but pavement.
Oct 26 (7:00p): Coolish with spitting rain early; rain steadier mid day then trailing off in the later afternoon.
Oct 25 (6:40p): Mostly sunny and quite breezy all day. Warm in the sun but chilly in the wind.
Oct 24 (5:07p): Hard frost overnight. Clear and quite cold early, but quickly warming in the sun. Partly cloudy afternoon, becoming mostly cloudy evening with a few scattered raindrops after dark.
Oct 23 (5:03p): Very light frost overnight. Clear and cold early, then becoming mostly cloudy (and still chilly) around mid day.
Oct 22 (5:31p): Lumpy overcast and cool all day, with a few raindrops mid afternoon. Clearing after dark.
Oct 21 (4:50p): Bright and clear for the first half of the day, then increasing clouds through the afternoon. Breezy; warm in the sun, cool under the clouds.
Oct 20 (7:00p): Overcast and misty in the morning, then clearing fairly suddenly and becoming quite warm around noon. Gradually cooler with gusty wind as the afternoon progressed.
Oct 19 (6:37p): Heavy overcast early; light rain begins late morning and becomes more intense early afternoon. Heavy drizzle and gusty winds late afternoon into the evening. Moderate temperatures all day.
Oct 18 (7:02p): Overcast and coolish through the morning, then clearing early afternoon. High haze after dark.
Oct 17 (5:53p): Bright and clear all day, with just a few small clouds in the afternoon. Warm sun but very breezy and cool in the shade.
Oct 16 (5:21p): Bright and sunny all day. Cool early, then becoming reasonably warm late morning. Somewhat breezy.
Oct 15 (4:43p): Light rain and gusty wind overnight. Clear early, then clouds increasing throughout the day. A few minutes of hard rain mid afternoon. Quite breezy all day.
Oct 14 (5:00p): Light rain overnight with a brief period of torrential downpour just before sunrise. Misty through the morning with a little bit of heavy rain early, then light rain beginning a little after noon and becoming steady mid afternoon. Brief thunderstorm with heavy rain after dark.
Oct 13 (4:41p): Rain, light at first and then steady, beginning overnight and continuing until mid morning; then light falling mist off and on. Steady moderate temperatures.
Oct 12 (5:40p): Mostly cloudy much of the day, becoming overcast late afternoon. Consistently coolish temperature all day, and damp. Falling mist beginning after dark.
Oct 11 (5:27p): Hazy morning and evening; mostly sunny through the middle of the day. A little cooler.
Oct 10 (4:15p): Clear and warm; hot in the sun mid day.
Oct 9 (7:00p): Coolish morning and evening, hot most of the day.
Oct 8 (7:00p): Cool overnight, but quickly warming; quite warm in the afternoon.
Oct 7 (3:48p): Bright and clear all day. Cool early, but rather warmer (at least in the sun) by late morning.
Oct 6 (5:29p): Light frost overnight. Clear and quite cool early but quickly warmer with the sun; seasonably cool most of the day. Cold after dark.
Oct 5 (6:02p): Clear early, then partly cloudy for most of the day. Consistent coolish temperatures; quite breezy in the afternoon. Clear again and quickly cooling after dark.
Oct 4 (5:49p): Steady rain overnight, heavy at times; becoming lighter and then stopping early morning. Mostly cloudy the middle of the day, then overcast with light to moderate rain off and on beginning mid afternoon.
Oct 3 (5:13p): Cool and overcast with falling mist and then steady drizzle early morning, then a mix of sun and heavy dark clouds the rest of the day. Falling mist again after dark.
Oct 2 (3:48p): Cool overnight. Overcast with intermittent falling mist all day, except for a few breaks of sun mid morning. Cooler after noon.
Oct 1 (5:10p): Steady rain overnight. Overcast most of the day, with light rain or falling mist off and on until mid afternoon. A few breaks of sun late afternoon.
Sep 30 (4:59p): Clear and much dryer. Cool early, warm mid day. High wispy clouds in the afternoon.
Sep 29 (6:00p): Steady rain overnight. Overcast, mild, and very humid, with light rain and falling mist off and on. Distant thunder late afternoon, then a thunderstorm with torrential downpour just after sunset. Clearing after dark.
Sep 28 (6:17p): Clear and not as warm, though still summery in the midday sun. Somewhat humid. Breezy and cooler beginning mid afternoon.
Sep 27 (6:43p): Fairly cool overnight. Clear and not too hot but still quite humid most of the day; somewhat breezy and a little dryer late afternoon.
Sep 26 (6:12p): Mostly sunny, warm, and quite humid most of the day. Clear and cooler after dark.
Sep 25 (5:29p): A mix of sun and clouds, leaning towards the latter. Hot and quite humid all day.
Sep 24 (6:06p): Steady rain overnight. Hot and extremely humid all day; overcast through the morning, then becoming partly sunny. Continued warm after dark.
Sep 23 (6:12p): Warmish, overcast, and humid. Falling mist off and on beginning around noon, and a brief period of heavier rain after dark.
Sep 21 (6:04p): Very foggy early, then clear and warm a little after sunrise. Partly cloudy in the afternoon.
Sep 19 (5:56p): Clear and cold early but quickly warmer. Partly cloudy afternoon.
Sep 18 (5:04p): Mostly cloudy and quite cool early, then becoming mostly sunny (but not much warmer) early afternoon.
Sep 17 (7:00p): Very cool overnight. Partly to mostly sunny, with a huge variety of cloud types around at the same time. Warm in the sun late morning to mid afternoon, then rather cool again.
Sep 16 (5:01p): Clear and very chilly early, then breezy with a few clouds and continued cool. Clear again before dark.
Sep 15 (5:48p): Overcast. Very humid though not too warm most of the day, with a period of torrential downpour early afternoon. Gusty wind and spitting rain with much cooler temperatures beginning around sunset.
Sep 14 (6:34p): Mostly sunny, hot, and hazy and humid. More tall cumulus clouds late afternoon with a few threatening-looking ones, then clearing (but still quite warm) after dark.
Sep 13 (6:14p): Mostly sunny, warm, and quite hazy, especially in the morning. Calm early, breezy in the afternoon.
Sep 12 (5:23p): Clear and warmer; hot from mid morning to late afternoon.
Sep 11 (4:49p): Mostly to partly sunny and fairly cool except right around noon.
Sep 10 (5:00p): Bright and sunny but cool except in the middle of the day. Very fall-like.
Sep 9 (3:57p): Cool and overcast early. A few glimpses of sun through the first part of the morning, then clearing and becoming much warmer late morning. Clear and cool after dark.
Sep 8 (6:22p): Light rain overnight, becoming heavy through the first part if the morning. Light rain and falling mist off and on until late afternoon, then a few breaks of sun before overcast resumes. Moderately coil all day.
Sep 7 (7:00p): Chilly and breezy with light rain off and on and gusty winds. Periods of steady rain early morning.
Sep 6 (5:46p): Cool, overcast, and very humid all day. Periods of rain and gusty wind overnight, then light to moderate rain off and on in the first part of the morning and second part of the afternoon (and into the evening).
Sep 5 (4:59p): Partly to mostly cloudy, warm, and quite humid. Breezy under the heavier clouds.
Sep 4 (4:08p): Cool early, warm mid day. Very humid and hazy all day. Continued warm and uncomfortably humid after dark.
Sep 3 (7:00p): Clear and cool overnight. Quickly becoming quite warm, especially in the sun.
Sep 2 (5:42p): High hazy overcast and quite cool early. Haze gives way to partly sunny skies mid morning. Quite warm in the sun mid day, but quickly cooler late afternoon.
Aug 31 (6:11p): Clear and cool early; a few clouds and much warmer by late morning. Partly cloudy and breezy but still quite warm through the afternoon.
Aug 30 (5:59p): Clear and very cool early—we could see our breath. Warm by mid-morning.
Aug 29 (4:42p): Clear and quite cool early; very fall-like. Somewhat warmer in the afternoon, with a few small puffy clouds.
Aug 28 (4:59p): Strong gusty winds overnight. Rain through the morning, mostly moderate but with a few periods of very heavy downpour. Falling mist and very strong gusty winds in the afternoon, and cooler. Continued breezy after dark.
Aug 27 (6:02p): Overcast; not too hot but very humid. Dead calm most of the day. Light to steady rain beginning mid afternoon, with occasional distant thunder. A brief interval of torrential rain after dark.
Aug 26 (4:43p): Mostly sunny; some accumulation of cumulus clouds in the evening. Pleasant in the shade but quite hot in the sun and fairly humid.
Aug 25 (5:46p): Mostly cloudy and very humid. Quite breezy after mid morning. Very dark clouds, distant thunder, and torrential rain early afternoon, then a few drops of spitting rain late afternoon. Not hot but quite muggy.
Aug 24 (5:59p): Cool overnight. Mostly sunny and fairly warm in the sun.
Aug 23 (5:57p): Bright sun between scattered cumulus clouds. Cool overnight but quickly warming, then breezy and a bit cooler in the afternoon.
Aug 22 (5:32p): Bright and clear, with a good breeze to keep it from feeling too hot.
Aug 21 (6:00p): Partly sunny and warm in the morning, then the edge of a thunderstorm with a whole lot of thunder but just a couple minutes of moderate rain. Cooler and again partly sunny after.
Aug 20 (6:20p): Mostly sunny. Cool early but quickly warming and fairly humid.
Aug 19 (5:29p): Mostly sunny and warm through the morning, then mid afternoon the edge of a thunderstorm with dark skies, much thunder, and a few minutes of light rain. Clear again and somewhat cooler late afternoon.
Aug 18 (5:42p): Mostly sunny and quite warm in the sun, except for a brief period of overcast and about five minutes of rain mid afternoon.
Aug 17 (6:23p): Clear and cool overnight, then quickly warming after sunrise. Quite warm in the sun most of the day. Cooling quickly in the evening, with a heavy fall of dew.
Aug 16 (5:25p): Overcast and cool early, with a few sprinkles of rain late morning. Becoming partly and intermittently sunny in the afternoon; warm in the sunshine, but cool under the passing dark clouds.
Aug 15 (5:17p): Light rain begins overnight. Intermittent early morning, becoming harder and more steady before noon. Cool, especially in the afternoon.
Aug 14 (5:08p): Light rain overnight, then very light rain off and on throughout the day. Dark low clouds under lumpy overcast, and cool but very humid.
Aug 13 (4:16p): Clear and quite cool overnight. Sunny and warm early, with high haze or thin overcast moving in early afternoon.
Aug 12 (6:54p): Mostly sunny and temperate. Cool early and late, warm in between.
Aug 11 (6:10p): Mostly sunny and warm and humid. Clear and cooler after dark.
Aug 10 (5:38p): Thunderstorms with heavy rain overnight. Overcast and cool with falling mist in the morning, then warmer with a mix of sun and threatening clouds in the afternoon.
Aug 9 (4:49p): Clear and quite cool overnight. Mostly sunny, warm, and humid in the morning, then becoming mostly cloudy and cooler in the afternoon. Light rain off and on beginning early evening.
Aug 8 (6:02p): A few thunderstorms overnight, one with heavy rain. Partly sunny, hot, and very humid most of the day. A few big raindrops from distant thunderstorms mid afternoon, then threatening skies and cooler air but no rain late afternoon.
Aug 7 (4:52p): Warm: low overcast with light to steady rain through the morning and early afternoon, then becoming partly sunny and extremely humid mid afternoon. A little cooler in the evening but still quite humid.
Aug 6 (4:14p): Partly sunny, warm, and very humid until mid afternoon, then thin overcast, breezy, and cooler.
Aug 5 (5:36p): A mix of sun and clouds; warm but not too hot.
Aug 4 (5:57p): Partly sunny and coolish, though more humid.
Aug 3 (6:16p): Cool and dry with intervals of sun and clouds all day.
Aug 2 (5:38p): Sunny, hot, and humid until mid afternoon, then gathering clouds and cooler. Late afternoon the outskirts of thunderstorms bring periods of heavy downpour interspersed with light rain for a couple hours. Much cooler after the rain.
Aug 1 (6:55p): Sunny, hot, and humid through the morning, then becoming overcast and slightly cooler (though still very humid) mid afternoon. Clearing again at sunset.
Jul 31 (4:57p): Bright and clear; somewhat warmer but still not too hot.
Jul 30 (6:10p): Clear and comfortable; warm in the sun but very pleasant in the shade. Breezy mid day.
Jul 29 (5:16p): Overcast all day, and not hot but very humid. A few scattered raindrops late morning and late afternoon, then a little bit of more steady rain after dark.
Jul 28 (6:14p): Quite cool overnight, then clear and not too hot all day.
Jul 21 (6:04p): Cool enough over night, but quickly becoming quite hot. Hot, hazy, and humid all day. Quite windy beginning mid day. Continued hot after dark.
Jul 20 (7:12p): Quite cool overnight, then hazy and cool early. Clearing and warming quickly, then becoming very breeze and partly cloudy in the afternoon. Clear again after dark. Humid all day.
Jul 19 (5:42p): Mostly sunny and not as hot and humid. Pleasantly breezy in the afternoon.
Jul 18 (6:03p): Mostly cloudy, hot, and very humid with a few scattered showers and distant thunder throughout the day. Clearing early evening but still humid.
Jul 17 (6:13p): Mostly sunny and hot; quite breezy most of the day. A bit cooler late afternoon and evening.
Jul 16 (5:57p): Mostly sunny. Warming quickly in the morning, and quite warm most of the day; cooler late afternoon.
Jul 15 (5:41p): A mix of sun and clouds. Moderately hot in the sun, quite comfortable under the clouds. Cool morning and evening.
Jul 14 (6:56p): Cool overnight, then mostly sunny and continued cool through the morning. Hot in the sun afternoon, but much less so than the last few days. A few more clouds late afternoon and evening.
Jul 13 (6:37p): Mostly cloudy and not too hot early, then becoming mostly sunny and quite warm by mid morning. Gathering clouds and cooler mid afternoon, with a few brief periods of steady rain. Much cooler after the rain. Continued cloudy after dark.
Jul 12 (5:16p): Early fog quickly burns off in the powerful sun. Quite hot and dry; continued warm after dark.
Jul 11 (4:37p): Mostly sunny: powerful hot sun. Livable in the shade with a bit of breeze. More clouds towards evening.
Jul 10 (5:44p): Bright and sunny most of the day. Quite hot in the sun mid day, but pleasant in the shade. Mostly cloudy around dark.
Jul 9 (6:46p): Foggy and cool early, with the fog burning off to leave mostly sunny skies. Warm but not too hot. Quite breezy in the afternoon.
Jul 8 (6:01p): Light rain off and on throughout the morning, then dry with a few breaks of sun in the afternoon. More intermittent light rain beginning early evening. Not too hot but very humid all day.
Jul 7 (6:32p): Mostly sunny and quite hot. Moderately humid, and almost no wind. Somewhat cooler after dark.
Jul 6 (6:01p): Clear and hot most of the day. Breezy late afternoon; a thunderstorm with a brief period of heavy rain and then intermittent light rain after dark.
Jul 5 (5:03p): Mostly sunny, hot, and humid. Up to half cloud coverage with growing cumulus in the late afternoon, then clearing again around dark.
Jul 4 (5:34p): Mostly sunny with scattered heavy cumulus clouds; one brief downpour mid-afternoon. Fairly warm and very humid.
Jul 3 (5:56p): Mostly cloudy shading towards lumpy overcast. A few sprinkles of rain late afternoon. Again not too hot but very humid. Clearing after dark.
Jul 2 (5:25p): A mix of sun and large cumulus clouds. Not too hot, but quite humid; pleasant in the breeze.
Jul 1 (4:49p): A mix of sun and clouds: periods of sun alternating with moments that looked like rain. No rain though except a few drops around sunset. Not too hot.
Jun 30 (6:58p): Cool overnight; warming fairly slowly in the morning. Mostly sunny and warm in the sun but with a pleasant cooling breeze.
Jun 29 (6:28p): Thunderstorm over night with steady rain for a little while. Overcast early but quickly becoming mostly sunny and quite warm (and continued humid). Breezy and cooler beginning mid afternoon.
Jun 28 (5:45p): Cool overnight. Mostly sunny with a few cumulus clouds of various sizes. Quite warm in the sun though pleasant in the shade; humid.
Jun 27 (7:00p): Mostly sunny. Coolish early, but quickly warming to become fairly hot. Rather breezy in the afternoon.
Jun 26 (6:15p): Warm, humid, and overcast in the morning with a little light drizzle at first light. Clearing somewhat mid day and a little warmer, then high overcast returns late afternoon.
Jun 25 (6:58p): Cold and overcast with drizzling rain early. Rain becomes steady and heavy at times by mid morning with a little bit of thunder. Rain stops early afternoon and rather warmer, then mostly sunny by early evening. Overcast again around dark and steady rain soon after.
Jun 24 (6:16p): Overcast and quite cool all day. Intermittent falling mist, mostly very light.
Jun 23 (6:16p): Coolish, very humid, and overcast in the morning with light drizzle off and on. Steady drizzle through the afternoon interspersed with light showers.
Jun 22 (7:27p): Warm and humid overnight and through the morning. Light rain off and on beginning late morning, then turning steady mid afternoon. A little cooler afternoon.
Jun 21 (6:58p): Warm if not hot and fairly humid. A mix of sun and clouds: periods of mostly sunny sky interspersed with briefer moments of gathering overcast.
Jun 20 (6:12p): Sunny in the morning, partly cloudy in the afternoon, and clear again evening. Not too hot, though fairly humid mid afternoon.
Jun 19 (5:34p): Clear and cool overnight, then bright, sunny, and not too hot all day.
Jun 18 (7:24p): Warm and quite humid and steamy. Partly sunny with large cumulus clouds all around. One small shower and some distant thunder mid day. Slightly cooler after dark.
Jun 17 (6:01p): Overcast and coolish though humid early, then brief periods of light to moderate rain mid morning through mid afternoon, with glimpses of sun in between. Not really warm all day; it felt hot with the humidity but pleasant in the breeze.
Jun 16 (6:22p): Clear and cool overnight, then warming quickly in the morning and mostly sunny. Hotter still afternoon, with just a few small cumulus clouds. Somewhat more comfortable after dark.
Jun 15 (6:36p): Mostly sunny and fairly cool, especially morning and evening.

[The last 14 days disappeared due to database problems. I forget the details, but it was very hot, hazy, and humid the first week of June with a few violent thunderstorms, and the second week was overcast and downright cold with frequent light rain or falling mist.]
Jun 1 (7:31p): Clear and pleasantly cool early, then brief but violent thunderstorm with high winds, heavy rain, and marble-sized hail. Partly cloudy, hazy, breezy, and very humid through the rest of the morning and first part of the afternoon. Mid afternoon much windier with distant thunderstorms and a few drops of rain, then partly clearing again. Another violent thunderstorm just after dark, with very frequent lightning, heavy rain, and very high winds.
May 31 (5:35p): Warm, but not as hot, with a few scattered clouds.
May 30 (5:06p): Lumpy overcast, warm, and humid most of the morning, then clearing and hotter the middle part of the day. A few clouds and haze evening, and a bit cooler.
May 29 (7:15p): Overcast, warmish, and humid early; overcast burns off by mid morning leaving mostly sunny skies and still warmer temperatures. Very breezy in the early afternoon.
May 28 (6:05p): Overcast, misty, and coolish early. Quickly much warmer mid morning after overcast burns off, then cumulus clouds with distant thunder and a few moderate showers early afternoon. Clear and not quite as warm late afternoon and evening.
May 27 (7:01p): Overcast, warm, and muggy early, the becoming mostly sunny (though still humid) by mid morning. Furnace-like heat through the afternoon, even with a good breeze. A few incipient thunderheads but nothing developed very far. Slightly cooler after dark.
May 26 (6:22p): Cool overnight. Dry, hot, and hazy most of the day. A few clouds early and more mid day, but otherwise clear. Quite breezy.
May 25 (6:01p): Mostly sunny, hot, and dry all day. A nice breeze in the afternoon. Still warm after dark.
May 24 (5:50p): Overcast and muggy early, then partly sunny by midday and very warm. Distant thunderstorms evident through mostly cloudy skies through the afternoon, but mostly too far away to hear anything but the faintest rumble.
May 23 (6:53p): Overcast and moderately cool with steady drizzle early. Rain stops a few hours after sunrise except for a few spots of light drizzle. Temperature begins rising before nightfall.
May 22 (6:53p): Overcast, cool, and damp, but no precipitation.
May 21 (6:30p): Partly sunny early, then mostly sunny and quite warm much of the day. Cooling quickly late afternoon and becoming overcast with a little light mist after dark.
May 20 (7:00p): Overcast and foggy early, and warm enough to be "humid" rather than "damp". Becoming partly to mostly sunny and even warmer early afternoon.
May 19 (5:59p): Still warmer and less breezy, but continued overcast much of the day. Fog and mist through the morning, then some slight clearing mid-afternoon followed by renewed overcast and light spitting rain late afternoon and evening.
May 18 (7:03p): Slightly warmer but still damp and overcast. Quite foggy, with a little bit of falling mist and drizzle here and there.
May 17 (6:26p): Again cool, overcast, and breezy. Falling mist off and on through the morning, then falling mist with periods of steady rain in the afternoon.
May 16 (8:00p): Overcast, cool, and breezy: you might say raw. Falling mist off and on, with a few periods of spitting rain in the afternoon.
May 15 (6:34p): Overcast with falling mist or light rain most of the day. Steady temperature; fairly warm.
May 14 (6:23p): Mostly cloudy, calm, and warmish. Periods of mostly sun mid-afternoon. A little drizzle after dark.
May 13 (6:42p): Clear all day and not too breezy. Warming quickly with the sun to become seasonably warm, then cooling quickly after dark.
May 13 (3:49a): We can see our breath outside this morning.
May 12 (7:15p): Mostly cloudy and cool in the morning and into the afternoon, clearing and becoming somewhat warmer mid-afternoon.
May 11 (6:58p): Low overcast and coolish in the morning with heavy falling mist off and on. Lighter lumpy overcast through the afternoon with a few breaks of sun; breezy. Clear after dark.
May 10 (6:25p): Cool, overcast, and breezy all day. Occasional periods of spitting light rain or falling mist, but nothing to really wet the ground.
May 9 (6:08p): Clear and cool in the morning, then increasing clouds and warmer through the afternoon. Quite breezy until sunset; one very brief rain shower after dark.
May 8 (5:54p): Mix of sun and clouds and seasonably cool in the morning, then increasing clouds afternoon and a couple very brief rain showers early evening.
May 7 (7:08p): Light rain overnight. Partly sunny and warm morning, then scattered thunderstorms, breezy, and cooler afternoon.
May 6 (6:22p): Clear and cool early, then warming up considerably after the sun was up for a bit. Some clouds in the afternoon and high haze towards evening. Much less humid and fairly breezy.
May 5 (6:18p): Much cooler. A mix of sun and dark clouds, with brief periods of rain—some quite heavy—throughout the afternoon. Quite a rainbow right before sunset. Clearer after dark.
May 4 (7:48p): Overcast, warm, and humid through the morning. Rain begins with a downpour early afternoon then settles into light to moderate rain off and on the rest of the day.
May 3 (6:50p): Mostly cloudy and warm; temperature fairly steady throughout the day. More humid than the last few days.
May 2 (6:33p): Near freezing overnight. Clear and cool early, quickly warming to become seasonably warm. Clouds move in mid afternoon. Not much cooler after dark.
May 1 (6:33p): Clear all day. Warming quickly in the morning with the sun, but felt cooler from mid afternoon on with the breeze. Cool after dark.
May 1 (3:45a): Light frost.
Apr 30 (5:33p): Mostly cloudy much of the day, becoming mostly sunny towards the end of the afternoon. Quite a bit cooler, though still very pleasant and springlike.
Apr 29 (6:28p): Clear and seasonably warm early, becoming partly cloudy and hot by mid morning. Continued windy but much drier air.
Apr 28 (7:40p): Hot and muggy with threatening lumpy overcast most of the day. Scattered raindrops off and on and a few brief cloudbursts with one or two thunderclaps in the late afternoon. Very windy all day; wind still south.
Apr 27 (7:57p): Overcast and falling mist early; coolish. Quickly warmer through the morning; partly sunny and hot by noon and through the afternoon, with a strong south wind and scudding dark clouds. Increasing clouds after dark with a light drizzle beginning several hours after sunset.
Apr 26 (4:57p): Misty and coolish through the morning, clearing early afternoon and becoming quite warm. Cooler again towards evening.
Apr 25 (4:54p): Overcast and seasonably warm, with a few scattered showers.
Apr 24 (4:44p): Warm early and very foggy. Fog burned off soon after the sun was up; mostly sunny and hot though the morning. Clouds increase to overcast by mid afternoon, with a few scattered rain drops. Continued warm.
Apr 23 (7:18p): Heavy overcast and cool most of the day, with rain—mostly light, but occasionally steady—falling until evening. Slight thinning of the overcast an hour or two before dark, then warmer and very misty after dark.
Apr 22 (6:03p): Clear and cooler all day, but nearly calm and so much more comfortable. High clouds move in after dark.
Apr 21 (6:43p): Partly sunny, cool, and very windy. Patches of heavy clouds scudding in front of the sun much of the morning, then a little more sunny in the afternoon but still quite windy.
Apr 20 (7:47p): Again damp cold and overcast, but no rain to speak of. No cooler after dark, and very foggy with falling mist.
Apr 19 (6:35p): Overcast and damp cold all day. Light rain alternating with mist throughout the afternoon and evening.
Apr 18 (6:43p): Mostly sunny and cool in the morning, then high haze obscuring the sun off and on from mid afternoon. Thicker clouds after dark with a few spatters of rain.
Apr 17 (7:23p): Heavy rain and strong winds overnight. Much warmer in the morning; heavy lumpy clouds early with patches of sun, then becoming increasingly sunny throughout the day. A few more clouds after dark.
Apr 16 (6:25p): Overcast, chilly, and damp, with quite a breeze from the east. Rain, briefly heavy, starting after dark.
Apr 15 (6:42p): Clear and cool all day, with a good breeze from the north.
Apr 14 (6:56p): Clear and cool overnight, partly sunny through the morning and quickly warming. Mostly sunny after noon. Brooks and ditches still running high.
Apr 13 (7:33p): Cool and overcast, with rain off and on all day, occasionally quite heavy. One or two peals of thunder in the morning.
Apr 12 (6:58p): Fairly steady warmish temperatures all day. Partly sunny early, then mostly overcast the rest of the day with just a few breaks of sun mid afternoon. Windy. A few drops of rain after dark.
Apr 11 (5:37p): Overcast and warm in the morning, then becoming partly sunny and very warm in the afternoon. Breezy all day.
Apr 10 (6:40p): First spring peepers.
Apr 10 (6:18p): Mostly sunny much of the day, with a few high clouds mid day and then overcast moving in evening with a scattering of heavy raindrops. Above freezing overnight and warm all day, though breezy.
Apr 9 (6:38p): Clear most of the day, with a few high clouds briefly obscuring the sun mid afternoon. Quite cold early, with a hard frost, but quickly warming; quite warm indeed in the sun in the afternoon. Sunblock was called for. Very dry.
Apr 8 (6:07p): Clear and below freezing overnight, then sunny and quickly warming through the morning. High clouds begin to move in mid day, eventually filling in to thin high overcast by mid afternoon.
Apr 7 (6:06p): Clear all day. Below freezing overnight, but warming throughout the day, becoming seasonably pleasant by mid morning. Not especially breezy.
Apr 6 (7:44p): Clear overnight and rather cold: certainly below freezing. The day mostly sunny, cool, and quite breezy.
Apr 5 (5:43p): Partly sunny and warm early, quickly becoming overcast and very breezy. A few scattered showers in the morning, then partly sunny again before more steady rain through the first part of the afternoon. Cooler in the afternoon.
Apr 4 (6:38p): Overcast all day, with rain, heavy at times, from mid morning until late afternoon. A brief period of thunderstorms mid afternoon. Foggy after dark.
Apr 3 (7:51p): Bright and sunny all day. Very pleasant in the sun, but cool in the strong breeze blowing much of the day: strongest in the afternoon.
Apr 2 (6:15p): Sunny early then a mix of sun and clouds all day, with one very brief rain shower late afternoon. Reasonable spring temperatures. Clear again after dark.
Apr 1 (7:21p): Snow falling thickly at first light, then becoming fine and mixing with ice and rain early morning. Light snow and rain alternate most of the day, with some slight lightening of the sky at times mid-afternoon. About two inches of very wet snow total.
Mar 31 (6:08p): Overcast and damp all day. Smells of spring in the air in the morning and not as cold; not much warmer later though. Light rain and snow starting mid afternoon, changing to snow at dark with about half an inch on the grass so far.
Mar 30 (7:16p): Bright and sunny and warmer than the last few days, especially in the afternoon. Still some breeze, but not too bothersome with the warm air temperature.
Mar 29 (6:13p): Clear and cool in the morning; cold in the wind. Pleasant early afternoon, then increasing clouds and continued wind make it again unseasonably cool.
Mar 28 (6:29p): Clear and cool early, quickly becoming windy and quite bitter cold the first part of the morning. Less breezy and warmer afternoon.
Mar 27 (6:16p): Sunny if not really warm all day. Mostly calm so not unpleasant in the sun, but still not very much above freezing.
Mar 26 (7:04p): Clear and quite cold overnight: well below freezing. Continued clear and cool through the morning, then partly cloudy and breezy in the afternoon and never really warm. Clear again after dark.
Mar 25 (6:58p): Clear and cold early, then becoming partly cloudy, breezy, and somewhat warmer—a little above freezing—by mid-morning.
Mar 24 (7:07p): A light dusting of snow overnight, and then snow off and on throughout the day out of a sky that was sometimes overcast and other times mostly sunny. Pleasant in the sun, wintery under the clouds. Fairly breezy.
Mar 23 (7:22p): Sunny early, then quickly becoming overcast. Damp cool all day. Clearing after dark.
Mar 22 (5:08p): Damp cool and overcast early, then partly sunny most of the morning. Mostly overcast again by mid afternoon. Somewhat breezy all day.
Mar 21 (6:04p): Gray and damp and right around freezing through the morning. Snow beginning around noon, mostly small flakes but a few periods of more serious stuff; close to an inch of accumulation on the grass, nothing on roofs or streets. Changes to drizzle early evening, then a bit of ice pellets after dark.
Mar 20 (5:02p): Sunny and seasonably cool all day. Breezy in the morning; very pleasant in the afternoon.
Mar 19 (6:27p): Partly cloudy and breezy. Pleasant when the sun was shining, cool when it went behind the clouds.
Mar 18 (6:38p): Sunny all day. Warm and breezy in the morning, and warmer and breezier in the afternoon—very windy indeed. Calm after dark under a full moon.
Mar 17 (4:52p): Early fog burns off leaving it bright and sunny all day. Below freezing at first light, but warming quickly after sunrise to t-shirt weather by mid afternoon. Continued warmish after dark, with some high haze.
Mar 16 (6:42p): Light rain and snow overnight. Overcast most of the day, with light to moderate rain from mid morning to late afternoon. A few breaks of sun late afternoon, then quite misty after dark.
Mar 15 (5:58p): Beautifully clear and sunny most of the day; partly cloudy late afternoon. Quite cool early, but quickly warming in the sun. Seasonably cool towards evening.
Mar 14 (6:15p): Lumpy overcast, cool, and damp through the morning. Light snow off and on beginning mid day, sometimes falling out of a partly sunny sky as clouds came and went. No accumulation at all. Clear after dark.
Mar 13 (6:12p): Mostly cloudy and fairly breezy. Cool in the wind and shade, but pleasant in the sun.
Mar 12 (5:54p): Partly to mostly sunny and breezy all day. Quite pleasant in the sun. Overcast with a little rain after dark.
Mar 11 (5:24p): Warm and overcast all day, with rain mid morning through mid afternoon. Quite foggy early, and misty over patches of melting snow all day. Clearing right around sunset, then foggy again after dark.
Mar 10 (5:55p): Overcast and damp cold all day. Quite breezy for a few hours mid morning.
Mar 9 (7:15p): Clear at daybreak but quickly clouding, then gray, cool, and damp. Right around freezing, with a snow-looking sky.
Mar 8 (7:41p): Bright and clear all day. Rather cool in the morning, then above freezing and pleasant by mid-afternoon. Not too breezy.
Mar 7 (5:42p): Very windy overnight with occasional rain squalls. Quite warm: up to a foot of additional melting in spots. Overcast and continued breezy through the morning with driving drizzle off and on, then clearing, much cooler (below freezing), and very windy in the afternoon. Somewhat calmer after dark.
Mar 6 (5:38p): Overcast and damp but quite warm all day. Occasional periods of drizzle throughout the day with a little bit of harder rain early afternoon. A whole lot of snow-melt.
Mar 5 (6:53p): Mostly overcast with a few patches of sunshine. Above freezing quite early, even warmer and quite breezy afternoon and evening.
Mar 4 (6:28p): Mostly clear all day, with just a few drifting clouds. Cold early but warmed up quickly with strong sun; just above freezing most of the day. Breezy and cloudier after dark.
Mar 3 (4:38p): Clear, breezy, and quite cold—below freezing all day. Some melting in sunny spots early afternoon despite the chilly temperatures.
Mar 2 (7:37p): Clear and pleasant early, then becoming breezy and then cloudy by mid morning. Very breezy in the afternoon, with fast moving tall clouds. Clear in the evening and rather cooler.
Mar 1 (5:29p): Clear at first light then becoming partly cloudy for most of the day. Right around freezing but quite breezy, especially in the morning.
Feb 28 (6:47p): Rain mixed with a little snow and ice early, changing over to light and then steady rain into the afternoon. Rain gives way to mist mid afternoon. Cool most of the day, warmer after dark.
Feb 27 (6:05p): Steady snow until late morning, then light snow mist through mid afternoon. Maybe five inches of very soft fluffy snow total. Clouds start to break up after dark.
Feb 27 (5:37a): Snow begins overnight, falling heavily at first light with about three inches on the ground.
Feb 26 (7:00p): About an inch of snow overnight, but bright and clear at first light. Increasing clouds throughout the day; around freezing.
Feb 25 (5:56p): Rain and snow mixed overnight and into the morning, changing entirely to rain mid morning. Rain steady most of the day, lighter in the evening and then changing back to snow around nightfall. Snow accumulating.
Feb 24 (6:19p): Predominantly cloudy, with a few hours of mostly sunny here and there. Moderate temperature and spring-like damp. A little frozen rain after dark.
Feb 23 (7:45p): Again bright and clear; cool early, then very pleasant by early afternoon. Cool again after dark.
Feb 22 (5:43p): Bright and sunny all day. Cool and breezy in the morning, then warmer mid afternoon on.
Feb 21 (5:59p): Snow beginning around first light and continuing for most of the morning; about an inch of accumulation. Mostly sunny through the afternoon and continued cold, though the sun was enough to melt the new snow everywhere except on top of the old.
Feb 20 (6:34p): Bright sun all day and somewhat warmer, but still chilly in the continued breeze. Finally calm after dark.
Feb 19 (6:07p): Much colder and very windy indeed all day, especially morning and evening. Not far below freezing, but very chilly with the wind. A few scattered snowflakes afternoon and evening.
Feb 18 (6:25p): Right around freezing over night, then very warm most of the day, especially in the afternoon. Mostly sunny and breezy. Cooler early evening, then thunderstorms after dark.
Feb 17 (6:47p): Mostly sunny and very warm and springlike. High clouds after dark.
Feb 16 (7:29p): Clear and fairly cold early, then becoming warmer (above freezing) and mostly cloudy by mid afternoon. Continued warm after dark.
Feb 15 (5:49p): Very windy overnight, then much colder and continued windy during the day. Clear: bright sun all day, bright moon after dark.
Feb 14 (5:46p): Overcast and well above freezing early, then becoming mostly sunny and even warmer by mid-morning. Very springlike: puddles everywhere.
Feb 13 (6:21p): Overcast most of the day, with some sun breaking through mid afternoon. A few scattered snowflakes mid morning. Cool and raw-feeling.
Feb 12 (5:57p): Somewhat warmer: around freezing most of the day. Overcast and damp.
Feb 11 (6:57p): Bright and sunny but very cold all day: the coldest day of the winter so far, but calm and not unpleasant in the sunshine.
Feb 10 (4:58p): Overcast at first light, but clearing quickly from west to east early. Clear and cold all day, and breezy. Snow bearing weight in most spots.
Feb 9 (7:43p): Clear and quite cold early, and not near freezing at any point. Overcast after dark.
Feb 8 (8:09p): Fine wet snow falling at daybreak, mixing with rain mid-morning. Less than an inch of accumulation. Breaks of sun mid day, then cloudy, windy, and much colder late afternoon.
Feb 7 (7:08p): Continued warm all day. Sunny in the morning, then high overcast moving in around noon.
Feb 6 (6:00p): Thaw. Above freezing all day; mostly sunny in the morning and breezy, then cloudier from mid afternoon and calm. Back below freezing a little after dark. Snow grainy and soft; 2 or 3 inches melted.
Feb 5 (6:00p): Cold early and a pink sunrise, then overcast and warmer all day. Light spitting rain mixed with a little ice starts around noon, slightly harder late afternoon. Rain begins freezing on surfaces a little before dark.
Feb 4 (5:51p): Clear, bright, and sunny all day. Quite cold early, but quickly warming: even above freezing mid afternoon. Cold again after dark.
Feb 3 (6:10p): Light snow overnight, with about a half inch of accumulation. Snow continues into through the morning despite breaks of sun; moderate at times, but no real accumulation. Mostly sunny in the afternoon.
Feb 2 (7:25p): Snow overnight, then snow and ice pellets off and (mostly) on the rest of the day. The snow looked to be falling lightly with small flakes, but it was very wet and heavy on the ground. Around a foot of accumulation between the two days, I think.
Feb 1 (6:43p): Light snow beginning around daybreak, quickly becoming quite heavy. Snow moderates somewhat early afternoon, then mostly stops by dark. Quite cold early, and cool all day.
Jan 31 (7:15p): Beautifully clear and sunny all day, though cool.
Jan 30 (6:24p): Overcast for most of the day, with a few peeks of sun here and there. Damp but not too cold; snow on the ground a little less fluffy.
Jan 29 (5:12p): A very light dusting of snow overnight. Coldish and mostly sunny early, then becoming rather warm and cloudier through the afternoon. Quite humid all day.
Jan 28 (6:49p): Bright and sunny. Cold but pleasant early, a little below freezing most of the day.
Jan 27 (5:28p): Heavy snow overnight, with a little less than a foot of new accumulation. Light snow until mid morning, then mostly bright and sunny skies and much warmer.
Jan 26 (6:17p): Cold and overcast early, with heavy frost whitening the trees and marsh grasses. Rather warmer in the afternoon and continued heavy overcast. Light snow off and on beginning mid afternoon.
Jan 25 (7:48p): Quite cold early but almost dead calm. Light snow starting before first light, continuing until late morning; maybe an inch of accumulation. Rather warmer in the afternoon with some sunshine between the clouds. Clear and cold after dark.
Jan 24 (7:39p): Very cold all day; indeed, startlingly cold until mid morning. Clear with strong warm sun but often breezy as well.
Jan 23 (4:57p): Mostly sunny. Very cold early, but reasonable in the mid-day sun. Quite cold again immediately after dark.
Jan 22 (7:04p): Mostly sunny and fairly cold, though warm in the sun. A few clouds late.
Jan 21 (4:46p): Snow starting a little before dawn, falls quite heavily from after sunrise until mid-morning, and stops around noon. Four or five inches of accumulation. Partly sunny and rather warm as soon as the snow stops, then increasingly windy and colder as the afternoon goes on.
Jan 20 (5:04p): Sunny early, then partly cloudy mid-day. Clouds dissipate again around sunset. Rather colder, but pleasant in the sun. Snow quite crunchy anywhere it's been disturbed.
Jan 19 (7:18p): Very warm and springlike early, with light rain beginning mid-morning. Somewhat cooler by mid afternoon; rain starts changing to snow about an hour before dark. Less than an inch of accumulation so far.
Jan 18 (6:28p): Snow starts a little before dawn: very heavy at times, with three or four inches of accumulation before it changes to light to moderate rain in the early afternoon. Rain continues light after dark.
Jan 17 (6:00p): Bright clear and quite cold, though comfortable thanks to the sun and lack of wind.
Jan 16 (6:54p): Sunny and fairly warm; a great day for icicle production. The snow is still very powdery where it hasn't been compacted.
Jan 15 (6:42p): Mostly sunny and quite cold early, warming up quickly through the morning. Misty overcast and more humid in the afternoon, with a dusting of snow right around nightfall.
Jan 14 (6:27p): Cool overcast with a few scattered snowflakes through the morning, then warmer and mostly sunny in the afternoon. Below freezing all day.
Jan 13 (6:03p): Clear and sunny all day. Calm and cold early, then become quite windy indeed soon after sunrise (and for the rest of the day). Just around freezing, but the sun melted a fair amount of the snow where it was thin from plowing etc.
Jan 12 (5:53p): Heavy snow over night—about six inches by first light. Snow continues all day, heavy in the morning and mostly lighter, with a few more intense periods, in the afternoon. Quite windy most of the day. Snow and wind stop around sunset. Around one and a half feet of total accumulation; more in drifty areas.
Jan 11 (7:34p): Partly cloudy most of the day, interspersed with periods of more sun. Chilly with the moisture in the air, but not too breezy.
Jan 10 (6:57p): Clear all day and breezy, especially in the afternoon. Warm sun more than counteracted by the breeze and humidity.
Jan 9 (6:27p): Cool early; partly sunny, with passing high hazy clouds. Somewhat warmer afternoon. A little piece of an ice rainbow alongside the sun mid afternoon.
Jan 8 (8:55p): Overcast and damp cold. Very fine light snow off and on all day.
Jan 7 (6:08p): Damp cool most of the day; cold in the occasional breeze. Partly cloudy with high haze or thin overcast blowing in and out. A few snowflakes after dark (no appreciable snow here, enough to cover ground and cars in Watertown).
Jan 6 (7:00p): Cold, clear, and perfectly calm early. Becoming a little breezier and mostly cloudy by noon, then clear again in the evening.
Jan 5 (7:12p): Clear and chilly early, then partly cloudy and warmer in the afternoon. Clear again before dark.
Jan 4 (6:00p): Bright and sunny all day. Cool early, but warm enough for some melting in the afternoon sun.
Jan 3 (5:11p): Mostly sunny and cooler: right around freezing all day. Breezy.
Jan 2 (5:12p): Not quite as warm, but still well above freezing overnight and throughout the day. Thick local fog from melting snow under a mostly cloudy sky.
Jan 1 (6:49p): Very warm and springlike: t-shirt weather in the afternoon. Mostly sunny, with a little haze later in the day. Dripping everywhere, even hours after dark.