haystacks of needles

We're mostly happy with our tree from the new supplier: we've really been enjoying its less-trimmed, more natural look, and it's gotten lots of compliments. But there's one thing that's bothering us, and that's the rate at which it's dropping needles! They fall off whenever you touch it, and let me tell you the dogs touch it a lot. With their tails, mostly. Two weeks ago I was sure it would be just bare sticks by Christmas, but happily it's not that bad. In fact it's still mostly green except on the outermost twigs. But especially with the presents now gone the drifts of needles beneath it are really noticeable. And of course they get tracked all over the house, too. My mom tells me their tree is shedding too; it's just been a dry growing season. Maybe, but ours is above and beyond! I think it'll make it ten more days, but it's going to be leaving a serious trail behind it when we take it out on Twelfth Night!