moving on

Today was my last day of student teaching, and people have been asking me if I'm happy to have it done with. I am not for two reasons. One, I'm sure going to miss those little guys. Two—and this carries much more weight at present—I'm only done with the teaching part, but I still have a considerable amount of work to do before I'm done with the student part. And it's all due on Tuesday. So in short, I'd rather keep on going in the classroom than come home and face everything I have to get done this weekend. After Tuesday, however, yes: I will be happy.

I'm not working on all that work yet, though, so I thought I'd take a moment to delete the deep drifts of spam comments that have been accumulating around here. And speaking of drifts, the daffodils haven't been out for a little while now so I though it's about time for a winter look. Yes, it isn't new, but do you expect I can justify taking the time to create a new style now?! Also, it's my favorite style of the ones I've come up with thus far, so it can serve for a little while here.