As I said last night at Bible study, I am not disciplined. If something is hard I stop doing it, or else find a better way to do it. It's Lent now though, so if I'm ever going to stick to something now's the time.

Just as with New Year's resolutions, though, it can be tempting to take on too much. There's always so much we want to change about our lives, and it's nice having an artificial reason to turn things around; but, of course, the more we add the less likely we are to be able to follow through.

Leah and I aren't fasting this year, and we aren't giving up church for Lent like we did last year. We are going to try (no try, only do!) reading the Bible daily. We'll see what we get from that. So far we're not doing so well: past bedtime, and no Bible has been read. So I'd better go do that now.