fresh from the fahm

So one of my favorite things about Santa Monica is that there's a Farmers' Market* twice a week, every Wednesday and Saturday. I went down there this morning and got some tangerines and some rolls and some delicious candy almonds. It's a great scene: they close a couple blocks of downtown streets, and bunches of local farmers set up their booths to sell everything from lettuce to hummus. And, uh, lots of things in between. And the food is good and cheap too, sometimes amazingly so; and there's something quite nice about getting oranges with the leaves still on em. The only problem then, is remembering to eat all the stuff we get (though that won't be a problem with any of today's stuff, I don't think).

I needed all that refreshment cause Leah took me out running in the morning, and as a result I was broken. She's a much better runner than me. In fact, I don't think she'll ever bring me along again because I went so slow and dragged her down, when she wanted to keep chugging along. I burn with shame at the memory. We meant to go biking and rollerblading, which I like better because the mechanical advantage of the bike lets me keep up with her on the skates, but we scrapped that plan cause it was a little drizzly out. Even with all the pain, though, it was good fun; and I'm sure it was good for me. In the long run, that is; first I have to see if I'll be able to walk tomorrow.

*You may have heard of it, in fact, because it's where, last summer, an old man drove his car right through the middle of the market and killed a bunch of people, and it made the national news. For a while folks were super-aware of that, but now it's mostly been forgotten and things are back to normal. And since I wasn't even here then, it's all good to me.

it's hard being in charge

the past week at the store has been a lot of work. every second i'm there i'm like accountable for everything that goes on --- everything that everyone does --- if work gets done or not. it's exhausting. being responsible takes like four times the energy of being told what to do. and there are other energy sucks too. Here they are:

the first big glitch is that of all the people i work with at one time, none of the others is completely 100% confident on the cash register, and they are likely to panic if any little thing goes screwy. like, if someone has to return something and, like, i dunno, bought it with a discount, only mommy can come and make everything right. so i don't feel comfortable taking a break for very long, and if i do i say "i'm just going to be sitting RIGHT OUTSIDE here, and you come and get me if you have ANY PROBLEMS, okay?" i wouldn't get any food at all if dan didn't stop by the store every day to bring me lunch. the sweety.

The second problem is that there are all together too many things to do in one day for any one particular floor supervisor. like, there's the floor to supervise, and cash to ring in, and irate customers to sedate, but then there's also the petty cash to balance, and the monthly goal to tally, and phone orders to package, all stuff that should happen in some sort of back office, if only we had one. but we don't, so all this crap is spread on the cash desk all day long. and i'm like "what is all this crap?" and i'm thinking of dumb slogans to remind us to keep the damn place clean like "the cash desk is the customer's portal to lululemon's financial face."

Also, i find that being all responsible makes me mad at those people (will name no names) working with me who are less than responsible. we had some drama yesterday with an employee who i sent to run a 15 minute errand, and he took an hour an a half before he came back. dood, what gives? don't be playin me like that. hey all, check out my rightious indignation.

okay, enough of work. at least there's dan here to take care of me and be tremendously loving and supportive and listeny when i complain and complain and complain.....

on the good news front, i got new boxing gloves!!! they rock. i'm going to be the kickboxing queen before you know it!