making navigation fun like it would be on the computer

I know it wasn't quite in accordance with our proclaimed home-made Christmas, but I had to get Leah a little in-car GPS navigation machine. Had to! It's just what she needs to be able to get places she hasn't been before, and now that we've managed to get it set up it's working great. We brought it along on our trip to IKEA this afternoon, even though I was driving, and I really appreciated having it along; I don't need it to get where I'm going, of course, having a fantastic innate sense of direction and things like that, but was it ever fun to watch the map scroll by in real time! In fact, it reminded me of nothing so much as an old computer game I had some years ago, called, I believe, F/A-18 Hornet. The graphics are similar in quality, and it's just as much fun watching the roads drift by on the GPS as it was zipping over the desert of Iraq in my virtual fighter jet. The system is so good that from time to time I stopped watching the road and just followed the turns in the road as depicted in that little four-inch screen. Fantastic!