Flee, rats, this ship is sinking.

Today is a sad day at work. It is absolutely beautiful out, i have the door propped wide open, and two brand-new pandora customers came in simply GUSHING about how much they love this store and how much they'd like to buy in the FUTURE. Now that they're gone, i have to make the going-out-of-business ad.

Tomorrow is my orientation. SEXUAL ORIENTATION??? No, you sicko, get your mind out of the gutter. 8:30 to 4:30 i'll be learning all about how to go to school. Not that i haven't done THAT before. ... there'd better be someone else young there for me to bond with. No, sicko, not in that way. i hate you gross readers.

our secret shame

It must be confessed: Leah and I spent this evening--this Friday evening--watching the new Disney Channel musical. And we liked it. In our defence, though, Leah made a fair number of dirty jokes during the procedings. The fact is, it's kind of fun to watch the dancing. Getting to make fun of the silly Disney plot and the silly Disney actors is only a bonus. Despite the healthy irony this evinces, however, we shouldn't be given too much slack in this case: we did watch the whole thing to the end. We even checked back during the commercials to make sure we weren't missing a single thrilling moment!

The weather is wicked hot again. Like, over 60 degrees hot. The winter is broken.