the evening's moment

This morning I was looking back over my photos for the past year, trying to find something for a slideshow for work. I was interested to see that I had strong memories of moments that I'd photographed and then posted on the blog, but more hazy recollections of unblogged pictures. And things I never photographed at all? A couple weeks in the past, they might as well have never happened! That's why I take pictures.

Today was unphotographed, but we did some fun things. It was summery hot, and we spent a lot of time outside. Most of the afternoon the kids were one place and I was another, but come evening we reconvened in the yard around a fire—plus a couple of Jacks from the neighborhood who stopped by to play with burning sticks. We cooked hot dogs and then marshmallows. I brought out my trumpet to play "Summertime". It was that nice. When you see the "moments from the week post" on Sunday, imagine something from the evening in there.