happy birthday Zion!

Today is Zion's birthday. I haven't managed to plan his party with his friends yet, but we'll get to that—and we've done plenty of celebrating already, with more to come in the next few days!

Zion in front of his cereal-with-a-birthday candle, as we sing him Happy Birthday

b-day breakfast

That was this morning; besides his birthday treat breakfast of cereal, he also had cards from all of us and the first of his presents (new shifter and grips for his bike). But that wasn't the first of the birthday delights: we kicked things off yesterday evening with a celebratory moment at Bible study, with cake. We were having too much fun singing to get a photo of the candle moment, but here's what the cake looked like as it waited for everyone to be done playing and come eat it.

a cake with buttercream frosting and one candle on our picnic table

Zion's birthday is in apple-blossom time

Then this morning before breakfast I made the same recipe into two dozen cupcakes, which we frosted with our friends during our "school time" this morning to share with more friends at Park Day this afternoon. That gave us yet another chance to sing, but because it was kind of rainy there weren't actually that many friends there. And plus most of them also brought celebratory treats. So we had plenty of cupcakes to bring home, to go with the quarter cake left from yesterday evening.

Zion picking from a tray of cupcakes, each frosted with a pink Z

he gets first pick

So you can see why he doesn't need a party with his friends right away. We need to eat our way through all that cake, and I need to have a couple days of not making cake. But I trust he's had enough celebrating from us to tide him over for a little while!

[edit: I see that last year I said that you can't put a candle in cereal... we sure proved that wrong!]