did it

File under "minor achievements that make us feel good": I wrote something for every weekday and Saturday in October. That's this blog's schedule right now, because "every day" is about the only sort of schedule I can manage to keep in my head. If you were paying attention you noticed that some of those entries didn't technically appear on the day they're dated, but that's ok because I totally thought of them in time.

I've been trying hard to keep writing, if for no other reason than to get a little sense of accomplishment from something. I almost managed every day last month—I just missed two. And I worked really hard to catch up back in July; that month had something for every day except the week when we were away camping. But to top October's achievement you have to go all the way back to April, 2011, when the blog saw posts for every single day of the week (including Sundays!). Leah wrote most of those though, so I don't get much credit. October 2021? That was all me!

Besides giving me meaning, the blog also preserves our family memories. This past week Harvey (and his brothers) have been excited to hear about Harvey's old imaginary pals Jop and Boonin, who Harvey had forgotten about entirely (not surprising, since he was two when I that post). They all wished we had written more about what Harvey said about Jop and Boonin, and about their own early childhoods too. So I'd better keep at it; I wouldn't want to miss anything that might be important later!