a little out

Sometimes the outings are little ones. Today after lunch we hopped in the car and headed out to the Great Meadows bird sanctuary in Concord. It's only a 25-minute bike ride away at an easy pace, but some days even that is more than we can handle. Plus we wanted all the time to explore the meadows! Well, maybe explore isn't the word: most of the preserve is water, so even if they were willing to disobey the signs and disturb the birds visitors are pretty much limited by topography to the paths. But, after an obligatory trip up the observation tower, we at least felt like we had time to choose the longest path.

It was lovely to be out in the warm sun, at least at first; pretty soon it actually got a little TOO warm! But in November we'll take it, and we strolled along happily talking and pretending to be in a video game. At least the water, when we were able to get into it, was cold! (at least this time all of us were able to successfully adjust to ambient temperatures, which hasn't always been the case). It was a good time; it's always nice to get out and about, even in a small way.

the boys wading through the ford (right next to the bridge)

they don't need that bridge