a Tuesday at the bridge

I can't remember right now if we bike to the Old North Bridge other times of the year, but we certainly like to in November! That was our outing yesterday, and unlike last year all the boys came along. Leaving midmorning, we made our way down the highly-contested portion of the bike path in Bedford into Concord and reaching the bridge just in time for a chilly picnic lunch in the sun.

the boys eating lunch on the gravelly beach by the Old North Bridge

lunch and history

After lunch we left our bikes to walk across the bridge, try and climb the tree in the field, and play in the amazing overgrown evergreen garden down the hill from the (closed, we tried) visitor center. Last year the we played hide-and-seek there so of course the boys wanted to do it again; at first I was reluctant, but once we got going I had to admit it was a great idea. We played four rounds and we all had fantastic hiding spots each time—well, fantastic except for all the sharp pine needles that made their way into my underwear! Still seemed worth it. We only wondered why we didn't bring friends!

the boys in the limbs of a large evergreen bush

we could fit a lot more kids in this tree!