our swimmer's ear

A week or so ago Harvey complained of a pain in his ear. The way he described it didn't sound like an ear infection, and the pain wasn't bad enough that we wanted to rush off to the doctor; we decided to wait and see. And it got better for a while. Until Wednesday morning when it got worse, and Wednesday night when it got terrible. The pain kept Harvey up most of the night, and he kept us up. Everybody suffered. Yesterday morning Leah took him to the walk-in time at our pediatrician's office, and we got an answer to what was bothering him: swimmer's ear. Makes sense! He spends all the hours he can in the water, and lots of those hours are in Freeman Lake, which has been known to host some bacteria. The doctor prescribed him ear drops with an antibiotic and a steroid, and he's learned to swallow pills so he can dose himself with Tylenol and Aleve in alternation. The medicines are working: he let us get some sleep last night, and most of today he was back to normal. Good thing: Leah is taking the boys to a water park tomorrow!