special delivery

This morning much noise next door alerted us to the fact that our neighbor was having a tree taken down. Last time the tree service folks were on our street our driveway was clogged up with the old minivan, so as much as I wanted to ask for the woodchips I didn't have any place to actually put them. Today I not only had a spot, but with the chipper working in the next driveway over they could even send the chips directly into our yard! They were delighted to not have to cart the chips away but a little hesitant at my delivery plan—with good reason, because when they eventually decided to go with it the hurricane blast from the chipper sent chunks of wood all the way across the deck into the inflatable pool and probably beyond. I understood then why they wanted to be sure the kids and dogs would stay out of the backyard! I was quite happy with the whole process—free woodchips!—but I guess they felt bad for the mess, and after the chipping was done one of the guys came over and gas-blowered everything off the deck. So not only do we have a pile of prime woodchips, the deck and concrete area by the cellar door are cleaner then they've been for quite some time! Wins all around.