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preemptive snow day

Well, snow half day anyways. There is some winter weather in the forecast, our second helping of winter weather this year, and I suppose folks felt that they didn't panic sufficiently for the first batch yesterday. We won't be making that mistake again! Leah reports that Whole Foods was packed with shoppers stocking up on staples such as prepared foods, organic California tomatoes, and perhaps brie; and schools all over the region have already canceled school for tomorrow or announced an early end to the school day. Lexington is in the latter category.

Which seems a bit much to me, I must say. After all, as of now the storm isn't even supposed to really get going until 10:00 or so, so it'll have to be a real humdinger if it wants to snow us in at school in an hour and three quarters. I suppose it's the memory of the time last year, and also a few years before that, when school wasn't called off and there was a little trouble with dismissal. I can tell you in confidence that, as much as we enjoy educating the little treasures for 6.5 hours per day, no teacher wants to be stuck with them after hours! Better safe than sorry is I suppose the attitude, at least now in the beginning of the winter. Watch in February, when it's: "there's only 18 inches forecast, that should be no problem for anyone!"

Not, of course, that I'm complaining about the half day, of course. Other teachers might be, but in their case the complaints are that we have to come in at all. "I was hoping to have the day to go shopping," one person told me. Me, I figure I wouldn't get anything accomplished before noon anyways, and it's always fun to be in school on a snowy day: much more excitement than tedium. So whatever may be, tomorrow should be fun!


ha! you're school district has nothing on Seattle. They canceled school when there was supposed to be snow coming at some point in the evening and then it didn't even snow! awesome!

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