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My body, my temple

Last night we went out on our first dinner date with baby, and it's a symbol of how far we've fallen on our hippy parenting ideals that we took him to Friendly's. (It wasn't my first choice for food, but we didn't want to drive farther than 5 minutes, and we didn't want to go somewhere where they'd mind if he cried.)

Anyway, the waitress comes up to ask if we want anything to drink, and all of a sudden my eyes light up and I'm like, "Can I have a DIET COKE???????!!!"

Okay, so it may be just the novelty factor of not being pregnant, but I ate a tuna-fish sandwich the other day and it was like the best orgasm of food that I had ever tasted. Other things that I am finding awesome about the sanctity of my own blood supply: Lying on my back... Lying on my STOMACH!!!!!.... having normal human reactions to food smells... regaining visual contact with my nether regions.

And in the next few days when I'm able to stand and walk again, I'm looking forward to experiencing more exciting beacons from the land of the living... oh to be able to run again! To get on a spin bike! To lift weights over my head and hold my breath!

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