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harvest news

Things are going alright in the garden, despite my refusal to water or weed or anything like that. We grow flowers, too, not just veggies; the cutting and arranging of them is left to Leah. Zinnias above; they do great without much work, and produce an amazing number of blooms!

I planted carrots last year, but they grew so slowly they didn't really form the carroty part until around the end of October or something, when I had forgotten all about them. They're still around, flowering in a pot (I want to see if I can make carrot seeds) but that isn't much good from a culinary standpoint.

This year we had much more success! Planted earlier in better-prepared soil, the carrot plants are flourishing, and the other day I picked the first three for use in a salad. As you can see, they come in a range of sizes:

Very exciting!

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