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the excitement never stops

We had a fun time at Bible study this evening. Since half the folks didn't show up, we decided it would be mean to continue with our study of the Gospel of John and make them miss the beginning of chapter eight, or wherever we are anyways. Instead, we played Ticket to Ride ("trains", as Leah and I and now everyone we know calls it). Awesome! Then we prayed, because, you know, you have to get some religion in there somewhere.

I was going to post something to this effect on Facebook (more briefly, of course), but Leah pointed out that that wouldn't be really good for my street cred: yeah! We played a board game at Bible study! So I write it here instead; if you're reading this blog, you already know I'm not in any way cool.


Are you kidding me?! You and Leah are the coolest people we know! We talk about your lifestyle in pure admiration all the time!

8 Reasons why Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Squibix are Awesome:

(I could certainly write more, but then I'd just be like a Suibix groupie or something, and that's just awkward for all of us lol)

1) They have a home-grown garden, and actually gain enjoyment from the labor-intensive process.

2) They go to great lengths to cook and prepare foods which are not just ordinary; why use just plain old Romaine lettuce when you can use Black Seed Simpson Leaves?!

3) They make so many things at home, such as hats and scarves. What a neat hobby to have, which is both pleasing and functionally productive.

4) They are super-sentimental, beyond any level I've ever seen. Expect nothing but homemade gifts which were made with love <3

5) They try their best to be as eco-friendly and cost-effective as possible; this is not always the most convenient thing to do, so it deserves special admiration.

6) They are "locavores." That is, they [seemingly] try to buy nothing but items which are locally produced and grown. This is a gesture which supports their local farms, supports the environment and certainly supports the wallet [most of the time, that is].

7) Where the hell is the T.V.?!!! Oh, there it is! In a little cabinet with the doors shut!

8) Books, books, are everywhere! And not just for decoration, either; these books have been read :)

Love you guys <3

Aww, that's sweet. We do certainly try to do all those things. Sometimes more successfully than others :)

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