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good babies

We took a family outing this afternoon. First Rascal waited in the car while we made a quick visit to the Harrington School Walk for the Arts, for the purpose of showing off Harvey to those of my coworkers who were volunteering. He was duly shown off, and a good job he did of it too: all smiles, and extra cute in his fleece suit. Then Harvey dozed in the Bjorn while Rascal got to run all over the hills and dales of Whipple Hill in Lexington (with plenty of swimming in the pond in addition). Not long ago we would have been nervous with him off the leash, but no more: he zipped all over the place, often out of site but never slow to change direction and dash past us when we told him we were going a different way. That meant we could just stroll along, going one mile to his eight or ten. Yup, we sure are fortunate in our dependents.


sounds like that dog is all growed up

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