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recognition reorganization

Down at the bottom of every page of this blog (or sometimes to one side) is a little list of some blogs we like. Naturally, we can't put em all there; they'd never fit. So consider it a semi-random collection of favorites. Every once and a while the time comes to update the list, as I have just now done. Rather than let the new additions stand silently for themselves, though, I want to point them out so you can't fail to notice the change. Especially Factinis & Factomelettes, the fabulous new blog belonging to our friend Sarah and her friend April (who I'm sure we would count as a friend too, had we ever met). Go, read, and comment!


Bike Snob NYC - How I'm learning about the world of cycling, but funny even if you've never been on a bike in your life. Maybe.

papertools - Helen DeWitt's blog, mentioned previously in these pages. If only she would write more!

Removed are Polyglot Vegetarian and defective yeti for not updating enough, and The Daily Puppy for, well, you can only look at so many dogs. All three are still good, though. As are many more, that I really should write down somewhere, as if you cared what I read online.

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