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the reasons why

I didn't bike to work today. It just wouldn't have been a challenge; not like yesterday, when I did ride though the first winter storm of the season. Actually, I must be honest: I needed a bit of a rest after the snow biking. It wasn't too problematic traction-wise, but it was certainly strenuous! The worst part was listening to everyone tell me I was crazy again. They'd gotten over the rain biking, but snow was new to them. So. I guess it's like owning a big dog; fun, but you have to deal with the same reaction from folks on a daily basis.

Anyways: so why did I choose biking over driving that cold December morning? Read on!

  • I love biking, and I love snow. In combination they're awful hard to resist.
  • My car, the one with the traction, isn't feeling so good. Leah's is bad in the snow.
  • I knew everybody would be crazy with the first snowfall and driving like overcautious maniacs. I wanted to avoid that.
  • It wasn't really that cold out: above freezing, in fact.
  • I love biking.
  • Just like with the rain: if not now, then when?
  • I was afraid the bike path would freeze solid, and that it was in fact my last chance on it all winter (which remains to be seen).
  • I've been reading about someone who is much, much more hardcore than I.
  • I wanted to try it out and see how I would do.
  • I am, in fact, crazy.

See, plenty of great reasons!

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