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an update on the condition of local holiday decorations

With all the snow yesterday, I must admit to feeling some concern for welfare of our local inflatable Christmas decorations. Would they be tragically stifled by the falling snow, in this case even before they were able to joyously welcome our Savior's birth? Well, I just got back from taking Rascal for a walk around the block and I am able to report that they all seemed to have pulled through just fine, with a little shoveling out by their caretakers. Good thing we dodged that bullet!

Also, for those of you who feel like creeping secularism is robbing the holiday of all meaning, take heart: newly set up around the corner is an inflatable creche scene, complete with a glowing, internally-lit baby Jesus. Admittedly his swaddling clothes and light level make him look a little bit like mutant radioactive mummy, but it's the thought that counts!


I know, I too was worried for the 8-foot caroling bears around the corner. I'm glad to hear they weathered the worst of it!

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