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practically dressing himself

Harvey has now had clothes put on him enough times that he has a pretty good idea of what he has to do to get his arms into his shirts. Gone are the days when the only possibility was reaching through the arm-hole to pull his hand through, and he now rarely grabs at the sleeve as it goes on. Nope, mostly now he pulls his hand in until he feels the arm-hole, then sticks it out until his thumb is once again in sucking position. Just like any adult puts on a shirt, in other words—minus the thumb-sucking in most cases. Even though we know he's a human being and is bound to learn these things with enough repetition, it's still kind of amazing.

Now if only he had the same sort of awareness for pants. Though it could be that he does, but he just hates wearing them...


I think he ACTIVELY struggles against the pants. It's like he's practicing for a career in civil disobedience.

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