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now I don't want to sound desperate, but

I promise I won't do it more than once a month, but it's time again to make an impassioned plea for comments. We crave validation, you have to understand. And I don't mean private validation like sending us a very nice email, or telling us in church how much you liked a particular video—public validation. That way not only will we know how awesome you think we are, but everybody else'll know as well. Then they'll, you know, start to feel that it's ok to admire us that much too, and they'll start commenting as well. But somebody's got to break the ice here.


Dan and Leah, LOVE the blog!

When I get my act together I'll start offering comment prizes. But that won't be until we throw ads up, which won't be until we get our traffic up, which won't be until I get laid off. We plan big for contingencies over here!

comment prizes! YES!!! (minus the leah getting laid off part). Sorry I've been slacking on the comments, guys...i also have high hopes of finally really seriously (i mean it this time!) starting back up with my own blogging. To be continued....

Dear Dan, Leah & Harvey,

Consider this validation! I met Dan, Tom, and Greg 10 years ago in Bar Harbor -- Leah, I think we talked on the phone once? Anyhow, I've always semi-regularly checked out the Squibix blog. Keep it up! And Leah, I work for the Mount Desert Island Marathon and can hook you up with an entry if you have the desire to run.

Keep blogging!

Hi Leah & Dan,
I love reading your blog. Harvey is REALLY cute... my favorite post is the friends one above. :-)
I agree, keep blogging! I get busy and fall behind on the blog and then remember, it's bee a month or more since I've checked in with the squibix family.. and I enjoy catching up. Leah, I (finally) answered you on FB (I had been out of sync with FB for several weeks), I'll give you a call Tuesday afternoon this week to catch up.
All the best,

Let me just say that since some time ago in a blizzard of spam I turned off the machine that mails us when people comment, I was unaware of these late votes coming in. Now I see them. Thanks, guys! The mailer is back on, so I won't let any appreciation slip by unappreciated again!

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