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there's no biking like snow biking

... for falling off the bike, that is. Seriously, it's been years since I had any trouble staying upright, but that's all changed now that I'm trying to ride in the snow.

Today I took advantage of the warmer temperatures and diminished snowpack to visit some of the local trails for the first time since the fall. I had fun, but I can't say that I looked particularly graceful out there. I fell off several times, once just catching the bike before it fell into a pond, and I had to get off and push for about half of the ground I covered. I even fell twice while walking, which is kind of embarrassing. Still, there were small triumphs: on the third try I made it down one long stretch without falling, I managed to go up one or two hills, and once I finally got started I was able to pedal through three or four inches of wet grainy snow covering the frozen surface of the old reservoir. Also, back on the roads for the ride home everything felt so easy! Good times.


is that the song Ethel Merman sang in "Sun Valley Serenade"?

(great strawberry jam, by the way. I had to have extra toast this morning, just to enjoy it more)

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