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A beautiful baby

It just so happens that Harvey is the most attractive baby on the face of the earth. I know this because last night I took him to the doctor to get him checked for an ear infection, and when she looked in his ear she said "Oh what a pretty ear! A picture-perfect ear. That ear could be in a medical text book!"

I'm not making that up. Harvey is perfect in every way. Except, you know, that he's been grabbing at his ears without any underlying medical cause. Soooo he's great looking but maybe a bit crazy.

Can't say where he gets that from!


It is only the fact that we no longer live on the border of Hollywood that prevent our child from appearing in a major motion picture, or at least a tv ad. It seems that they just aren't casting baby parts here in MA. Leah checked.

has anyone told you he looks just like the Gerber baby? do you think they'd be willing to sponsor your blog?

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