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Lavish and traffic-drenched

So earlier this week Harvey and I got 15-minutes of fame by appearing in a video on Bike Snob NYC. In the blogging world Bike Snob is kind of a big deal. He's up for two Bloggies this year, he's giving away free bikes, and he's finagled his blogging into a column in Bicycling Magazine. But most of all, he's got the traffic. Oh man does he got the traffic.

My vimeo dashboard lets me monitor the play numbers of my videos. Most of these are pretty expected for our limited range of family and friends. Harvey feeds Rascal - 56 views. Harvey makes baby noises - 63 views. How did your bike get stolen, after being featured on Bike Snob NYC?


That's right. Over three thousand people this week listened to me whine out the words "Hi bikesnob! This is Leah at squibix dot net, and Harvey at squibix dot net..."

You'd think that would turn into some traffic for our blog, wouldn't you?

Well you might, and you may still think that. I have no idea. I've been long mentioning to Dan that we should set up google analytics for our site, and we finally did it this week! A day after the Bike Snob Nod. Can someone please shut the barn door? it's freezing in here!

In other words, we have no historical comparison to say whether we're doing better this week than last week. But even so, the numbers aren't... well... let's just say they're a jumping off platform if we hope to get nominated for a Bloggy ourselves next year. Yesterday we had a whole 59 visits to our site. 48 from direct traffic, 8 from vimeo, 1 from facebook, and 1 from factinis and factomelettes (hi guys! We love you!), and one from google. And that person was searching for "squibix." I can has SEO please?

So in conclusion, our state the union may not be catastrof***ed, but there's a ways to go. But we'll make it one of these days. The internet is the new Broadway! And I want to be a part of it!


If you figure it out, let us know ;) We've got the same objective and we're starting from a numerically similar "benchmark"... It's all up from here, right? We're going to register Factinis & Factomelettes at - have you done that yet?

PS We heart you, too!!

interrresting... I'll check out the blog catalog. I need to sort out some "branding" work before hand, as much as I hate that word.

I don't know if it's fair to call it a "benchmark." I think we're still under the bench right now... trying to pull ourselves up like little Harvey.

Ah, yes. When "branding" and "marketing" enter our personal lives, we know there's trouble!!

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