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vacation recap video

I shot more video of our vacation this year than I took pictures. There's a part of me that wants to remember what they're like at this age, how they move and how they talk, apart from just recording their sweet blond cherub faces. While cutting this public video, I had a mind to include a five-minute shot of Harvey and Zion playing in a fountain, just to give everyone the idea of how simultaneously magical and boring it is sitting around watching children all day. But Dan asked me to cut it to the good parts. Here it is, highlights of our vacation:

back online with a few updates

I was without the internet for a few days while Dan took my computer into work to teach some awesome iMovie summer camp. I didn't miss much in my time away from connectivity: one email from a friend, 145 spam emails, 8 blog posts in the RSS. I feel like it's a very peaceful time in my life right now, where no one relies on me to be online and I don't rely on the line so much for stimulation. Though I did freak out that Dan was taking away my calorie counter. I've been using the MyPlate app on to a degree that borders on idolatry. But after I told Dan, "It's fine; I'll just get fat," he pointed out that I could log into my account from Harvey's iPad. I don't know if that counts as recreational internet use or not. At any rate, the ice cream I inhaled today did not go unrecorded.

Speaking of and their calorie and fitness counter, I've noticed they associate a much higher number of calories burned with biking than with swimming, which is funny because biking is easy for me and makes me lose my apetite, whereas swimming is excruciating and makes me immediately want to eat 1000 calories of McDonalds.

Speaking of biking, I have a guest blog post over at Momentary Delight today. It's about sustainability and faith, and also about biking in the rain. You should check out the whole series over there, because there are more thoughtful authors to come. Though I doubt any of them can claim as high of a calorie burn from transportation. Well, if Dan writes something maybe, Mr. biking to work while carrying my computer.

Speaking of iMovie, here are some clips of my kids singing. Their third song should answer the question once and for all: Who is the king of the jungle?


Chicken Chasing video

It's not a productive blogging season for this mama. Which is to say, the house is pretty clean, healthy home-cooked meals make it to the table several times a day, and the children are well engaged with wholesome projects. The tenuous balance only works when I keep my computer shut during their waking hours, of course. But I do miss the slow march of parenting recorded on this blog, so I did manage to take a video of their outdoor pursuits this morning. Their cuteness can stand in lieu of my blogging.

No chickens were harmed in the making of this video. Annoyed maybe, but not harmed.

Harvey reads from The Economist

Harvey often regales us with humorously literal descriptions of the political cartoons in The Economist . I thought I'd take a video so I can share this with you all.

Full disclosure, he picks up from us the very anti-family habit of reading a magazine at the table. Both Dan and I like to read while we're eating. We relate to each other other times... there are PLENTY of family relating times in our day, don't you worry. It's just that I like to eat lunch in a bubble of peace and quiet and socially liberal international commentary. Feel free to judge us as you like.


all the world is on a vacation

Harvey loves making up songs. So much so that he'll happily sing in a language all his own if remembering words proves too inconvenient. I caught a video of him doing it yesterday, since I've been feeling rather sheepish that there aren't more videos of my adorable children on this blog.

The only understandable words in Harvey's song are "All the world is on a vacation." This is still true around here, at least for another week. Harvey is luckier than most kids to have two parents around so often, loving him and listening to his songs. Zion is lucky too, to have such an entertaining big brother.

Zion's birthday: the video

I made a video with snippets from Zion's birthday party. The event was lots of fun in the chaotic way that fun works when you have two young kids and lots of people who love them. I hope this comes through in the video, that everyone had a great time even though we mostly just sat on the floor of the living room.

What also comes through in the video is how much I look and sound exactly like my mother. That was not quite so intentional, though I'm sure it can't be helped.


vacation voyaging

a view from River Road down the valley to the Concord River

on the open road

I had last week off, and though I'm back to work now I wanted to share an enjoyable bicycle ride we took on Thursday, before Leah had her hair done.

Sorry for the shaky camera-work: it's hard to hold the thing steady, especially when Harvey is squirming around behind me. I do think it conveys the general impression of the trip well enough.

The commotion you see at the Old North Bridge was an annual commemoration by the Sudbury Minutemen, which was a pleasant surprise to us; we heard the drums from across the river as we enjoyed our picnic lunch, so we stuck around to see what was going to happen.

Sudbury Minutemen firing a volley from the Concord Bridge

make ready... elevate... fire!

Besides that excitement, we also saw geese, ducks, and a frog who on escaping (I was trying to get him with a macro lens) hopped right through Harvey's legs.

a green-and-brown frog in the grass


Now that's old-timey fun!


a video for the Jesus Project

I made this movie for The Jesus Project, a thing our church is doing over Lent which charges us to to try some sort of creative project about Jesus. I thought I'd make a movie about talking faith with my kids. Which of course didn't work. So instead I made a movie about that not working.

It took me a long time to get the footage and an even longer time to sort through it, which is my excuse for the rather poor editing. Still, I'd rather something crappy soon than something perfect never, and I think Jesus is with me on this.

A Video Christmas Card

Merry Christmas from our silly boys, who wear clothes most of the time I SWEAR!

My child the book whisperer

Our boy Harvey, he likes him some books. Big books, little books, the Economist magazine when we're done with it. When he was sick last week I read him a chapter from Winnie the Poo, a book without pictures even, and I caught him this morning mumbling to himself "Sing Ho for the life of a bear!" So there you go. Read him a book and he listens.

A few weeks ago I realized that after Harvey hears a book a few times I can remove a keyword from any sentence and he will deliver the proper word back to me with 90% accuracy. It's quite a party trick, so I decided to capture it on video. I used The Book of Jonah retold by Peter Spier because it was his favorite for the two weeks we had it out of the library, and it makes him seem all that more biblically literate.

The words Harvey delivers come up in subtitles at the bottom of the screen. Apparently other people have a hard time parsing Harvey dialect... I have no idea why, it always seems perfectly clear to me.