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down at the farm

Harvey in the garden

a real son of the soil

A mixed couple of weeks at the squibix farm: peas and beats are coming up beautifully and the tomatoes are almost ready to go into the ground, but I also forgot about a tray of basil and lost thirty-two baby basil plants (and two-odd weeks of basil-planting time). Also, as predicted, the spinach almost entirely failed to come up.

One of these years I'm going to really get organized so everything gets in the ground when it should. I'm also someday going to have screened compost so I can prepare proper seedbeds, because that's sure not something we have going on now. Today I sowed some more carrots, collards, and chard, and though this time I did take care with the job the fact is that my soil—made mostly of a little proper compost and alot of composted sod—is kind of lumpy. I read somewhere that carrots are hard to grow, so all of a sudden my success of last year is looking like a fluke; I don't want to take carrots for granted!

In other words, we're still working on things in what time we have available. Harvey had fun this afternoon playing with a couple of new trucks (new to him, straight out of a neighbor's trash yesterday!) and eating more dirt than I might have liked, but less than I might have expected. He sure looks cute out there. Even if we don't manage and vegetables we can take credit for growing a good baby.


Oh my goodness, when did Harvey become a little man? He is so cute, but looking so mature.

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