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Clothing and Crafting: Wedding Edition

On Saturday our friends Becca and Andrew tied the knot in Scottish style.

the bride and groom

taking the high road

I asked Dan if he wanted I should make him a kilt for the occasion, but he hemmed and hawed and decided to opt for a plaid tie instead. Still, we matched the theme as best we could, given the small 40-minute Burlington-mall window that we had to compile our outfits.

Leah and Dan looking sharp upon a rock

rockin the wedding finery

Can you believe we were only married 4 or 5 years ago? It feels like seven thousand million hundred.

Becca and Andrew are big stuffed animal fans, so I wanted to come up with something cute and stuffed and personalized to accompany our Crate & Barrel gift card. (Hey - buying presents off the registry is for people who have longer than ten minutes to go shopping.) So last weekend when thanks to Mother's day I got two-and-a-half blessed hours to myself, I stitched some very special felt friends for the happy couple.

bunny closeup

is there room for one more in the wedding bed?

One says B+A, while the other says their wedding date, 5-15-10.

closeup of bunnies in box

a pair of hares

I packaged them up in a little bunny house, and went way overboard with drawing all the little circles for air-holes. I drew the first row the way I wanted them, and then said, "Oh crap. That's a lot of circles I have to draw now. Oh well. In for a penny, in for a pound."

the bunny box

caution: over-designed wedding present inside

I'm a big fan of marriage. Ours has worked out pretty spectacular so far. So I wish Becca and Andrew all the happiness that Dan and I have have in our marriage, and for good measure I'll throw in a prayer for a bit more sex. For them I mean. I'm too old and tired and my back hurts.

Yeah for young love!

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