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hell is high water

a tree on the beach with pond water washing its base

the tide is high on the pond

As I mentioned, because of this year's floods the water at Walden Pond—our local swimming hole—is higher than usual. This picture was taken between big flooding storms; I think there's now eight inches or a foot more water in the pond than there was on that day. Apparently it isn't going away anytime soon, which means that pond use will be restricted this summer. Oh Noes! It's already too hot to live, and we were looking forward to some hardcore ponding; without the oasis of coolness so beloved of Thoreau we just might not survive the summer. Of course, it isn't closed altogether, so I'm sure we'll still manage many visits; but perhaps this year we'll have to actually call ahead rather than just piling in the car and hoping.


I can't believe it's so hot on that side of the country. We are freezing over here (well for California at least). It feels like it's February or March here - rainy and in the 50s/60s.

I like the economist-style headline (not that this is anything new). Also, do you still have any tomato plants?

Theresa: It did cool down a little bit, thank goodness; now it's about normal for late May. Sorry to hear about your cold temps... did you have a crazy warm spring, too?

Jake: Thanks! Yup, plenty left... just let us know how many you want or stop by at your convenience!

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