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skipping town

Bright and early tomorrow morning we're heading north to the wilds of Maine. Yes, the time has come once again for our annual camping adventure (the lack of a link on "camping" represents the fact that we failed to blog about the proceedings, that I can discover, in 2007 or 2008). It's been a long time coming!

Since we have fairly optimistic plans as to the hour of our departure, we've done a good bit to get ready already. The car is half-packed, lists have been made and crossed off, and we feel reasonably confident that we'll get on the road in good order. One thing that isn't ready is that I still don't have a telephone of the mobile variety. I made a trip to the Apple Store yesterday to replace my recently deceased iPhone, only to be told they didn't have any new phones to give me. You'd expect that given the advertising and publicity blitz Apple would be able to sell me their current flagship product, but apparently not. I suppose scarcity adds to the mystique. I was counting on the new phone to keep you all up-to-date with our doings; absent that I'll do my best with Leah's (ew) Blackberry.

I'm also, as I write these words, desperately torrenting a number of episodes of Between the Lions for Harvey to watch in the car. Right now the average expected download time Transmission is giving me is hovering around 13 hours... we don't have that much time!! Oh well, if all else fails we can always show him Bourne Ultimatum... or just turn on PhotoBooth and let him stare at his own cute little visage for five hours.

Lest you think badly of me for not providing for my offspring's video needs, I will say that I baked two loaves of bread and several dozen cookies—two kinds!—today, which must be worth something. We've managed to convince even more friends to come along this year, and their presence must be rewarded with delicious baked goods.

Whether or not we manage to blog from the campsite, there will be pictures on our return. I'll go charge the camera batteries now.


And we are away. Almost.

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