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not fair-weather farmers

view down a grape-covered alley

delicious shade

Harvey and I are not generally into networking, but when there's a networking event taking place at a farm, well... that's a different story. Perhaps someone in the Cornell Entrepreneurial Network was eager to contact us, because their latest event took place at Belkin Family Lookout Farm in rural Natick, MA. When Grandma Judy alerted us and invited us along, we said "yes" in a flash!

Harvey on a pile of hay bales

climb to the top of the hay-bale-est mountain

Not only was there lunch and fruit-picking, the farm also features a considerable playground. Harvey climbed up the hay bale part of it almost all by himself. He also enjoyed watching the goats—the presence of goats is apparently de riguer at pick-your-own establishments. He would have liked to play on the slides too, but it was a little damp: the rains have finally arrived. Rain and cold may have reduced the crowds at the event a little bit (and certainly kept everyone else away from the orchard) but we thought it was about perfect weather for picking. If only there had been a little more ripe fruit. Still, a couple plums for the monster and nectarines for mama, courtesy of the Cornell Entrepreneurs: no complaints from me!

overcast skies at Lookout Farm

beautiful weather for an outing!

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