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back to work

my bike at Harrington School after a snowy morning commute

made it!

Sometimes I think it's sad that magnificent snow like we got yesterday succumbs so quickly to plowing and salt and automotive traffic. Can't we just enjoy the enforced stillness for a little while longer? What, we have to go to work? Oh, alright then. At least I can bike on the beautiful, quiet snowy bike path, which my morning walk with Rascal revealed had been plowed. I was already composing a rapturous blog post about the commute when I came to an obstacle.

a closed gate blocking the plowed portion of the bike path

go no further

Note to bike path plow guys: if you plow through the open gate and then close the gate, it's kind of tough to get around it. Not that I'm complaining too much about this particular job, though, because as it happens the first segment of the path was the only one that had been touched by any sort of snow removal. In other words, there was no succumbing to be seen, and wasn't I unhappy when I realized it! Not only does getting to work on the roads involve me ingesting a significantly larger amount of liquefied road salt, the route is nearly a mile longer than the bike path. Still, I made it, and I enjoyed the ride, and I got to listen to a number of people tell me how awesome/crazy I am.

Besides the biking, I also managed some snowshoeing this morning and some sledding with Harvey (and James) this afternoon, so I'll sleep well tonight. It was a fine day for outdoor activities, to be sure.

bike, sled, and snowshoes in the evening snow

multi-modal snow fun


you are crazily awesome

Or awesomely crazy...

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