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baked goods

Today our household made bagels, chocolate-chip cookies, two kinds of scones (cranberry-oatmeal and lemon-ginger) and, um, one batch of rustic scones that were the result when I forgot to cut in the butter before adding the wet ingredients. Not really scones, but not entirely inedible either. Certainly healthier than they would have been otherwise! In the midst of this orgy of baking Leah spoke with her dad and told him she was baking bagels; he asked her why she didn't just get a dozen from the bagel store. Why indeed?

Possible reasons:

  • We like baking
  • Harvey likes baking
  • It's cheaper
  • Home-made tastes better
  • We're crazy people

I'm really not sure. But I know I'm looking forward to having one of those bagels for breakfast tomorrow!

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