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Dada day

our snowy yard at sunrise

sunrise from the top of a snowbank

Rascal and I got up bright and early this morning, leaving Harvey and Mama abed. We wanted to make sure we got a good walk in before Mama had to leave for her big trip all the way down to Plymouth, an all-day trip that she was taking without any of us. You know what that means: a boys-only Saturday!

So what did we do? We had breakfast, we watched some computer, we read some books. But that's all the same as any other day. In order to make this Dada day any different we also had to do things like woodworking—we almost finished making Harvey a hammer, before he tired of the basement—and snow-cave building.

Harvey in a snow cave

'welcome to my bunny hole'

The big snowbanks enclosing our front walk—yet bigger now than they were in that picture—have been crying out to my long-latent snow-fort building instincts for some time, so this morning, with rain in the forecast for the afternoon, we sprang into action. I did most of the digging and Harvey did most of the sitting in the cave, which is as it should be; though I do wish he hadn't kicked me and Rascal out so vigorously when we tried to experience the snow-cave experience for ourselves. By the way, despite his considerable expertise in couch fort construction Harvey didn't feel that this particular structure was a fort, or even a cave; to his mind, it most resembled a bunny hole. He was actually a little disappointed there were no bunnies.

It was nice to see him excited to be outside again, especially when he was thrilled to be put in the backpack for a walk with Rascal. Less nice, though when I had to take him in for his nap; and also when, after lunch, he insisted on staying out in the rain to practice walking Rascal himself. He obviously didn't mind the weather a bit, because the next thing he insisted was that, instead of driving to the library, we should take the bicycle. Perhaps he read my last post and figured he he needed to take drastic steps to force me back into the saddle. It worked, and we had a delightful ride; never mind the freezing rain.

Harvey poses by the bicycle and a big snowbank

way too cool to take the car

Then dinner and playing with Rascal, rousting him up from every place he tried to settle himself. A little dancing to Win By Knockout finished out the day before Mama came home to put the tired boy to bed. I think I did a fine job.


bravo bravo well done. and good job training Harvey to be outdoorsy. can you come here and teach us? thanks. :)

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