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the vagaries of winter cycling

the snowy bike path again

the back trail

That was yesterday. Today was as I tweeted this morning. Conditions were suboptimal, especially alongside the landfill where a brownish sludge is seeping out, filling the space between the snowbanks, and freezing solid. I'm sure it's non-toxic—there's nothing in that dump but good old chemically-fertilized grass clippings and leaves—but it was certainly slippery.

brown sludge from the landfill frozen on the bike path

gross and very slick

I took a pretty good spill, but I wasn't hurt except for my pride and my genitals. You have to laugh at falling on your bike as an adult: it isn't something that is generally done past the age of six or so. Though I can't laugh too much, since when I fell on Monday I pulled a muscle in my ribs or something, and I notice it when I sneeze or breathe too much. Leah says it would get better faster if I took a day off of biking, but then I'd miss beautiful early-morning scenes like the one that heads this post or the photo below. Never mind that it was taken just moments after my fall: still pretty!

the scene from where I fell on the ice


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