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seedling report

chinese cabbage seedlings

pregnant with hope and expectation

Some time ago (February 17th, if you must know) I started the season's first seeds. They, and subsequent batches, are now crowding up the kitchen table to a surprising degree. Sure, there are some down in the little styrofoam house, but it's kind of full and we need expansion space up where there's natural light. I, um, think I might have gone a little overboard this year—and a little early.

Aside from the lack of space, I also need to keep all these little preciouses alive until its time to get them in the ground—a full month from now at the very least. It's stressful, I tell you; I totally know how Leah feels with this whole pregnancy thing. Only the seedlings are just taking up the kitchen table and not all the room inside my abdomen, so maybe it's not quite as bad.

The biggest concern is the corn that Harvey stared: he found a handful of kernels left by the mousies on the floor and, with my encouragement, planted them. They sprouted surprisingly quickly and are already quite large and on the verge of becoming root-bound. Maybe I should have read about the timing first? But I had no idea they'd even germinate! Perhaps in an unconscious attempt to rid myself of the problem I dropped half of them upside down while repotting them, breaking the stems. All that means, though, it that I'm now committed to trying to nurse them back to health. My goodness, this farming thing is stressful!

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