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I broke my chain on the way home. I didn't know that was even possible! It was barely on my way home, actually: I threw my leg over the bike, all ready for another wet and exhilarating ride home, but on the first powerful pedal stroke (all my pedal strokes are powerful), snap! and then nothing. It was pretty disconcerting. The one advantage of this over a flat tire, which mishap has occurred several times in the past, was that I could at least coast down the hills as I trudged my way homewards.

Not that I had to trudge for long, though, because thanks to the kindness of my wonderful family (and the miracle of mobile telephony) I had a ride to look forward to. It was just so beautiful a rainy day that I wanted to be out and about; also, at that time of day one tends to want to put as much distance between one's self and one's workplace as possible.

When I was met with the car the first thing Harvey said to me was, "Bob the Builder Friday?"

"Bob the Builder Friday to you too!" was my reply.

I amused Leah, at least. It was the least I could do in exchange for transport! Well, that and relieving her of Mr. "I don't need a nap today" for a couple hours...


Seriously... that's what he says to EVERYONE the first time he sees them. Grandparents, neighbors, strangers on the street. It's always "Bob the Builder Friday?" I don't know what's worse: that he's obsessed with this TV show or that he's obsessed with telling the world that we deprive him of it all but once a week!

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