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the best time to plant a tree

Well, I guess we're in for the long haul here: this weekend I planted two apple trees, part of my birthday present for Leah. Having failed, due to lack of opportunity, to plant any 20 years ago, I took the second-best option. We now have one Northern Spy and one Macintosh semi-dwarf tree growing (oh how I hope they're growing) in the front yard. You'll have to take my word for it that they're trees, though; to the untrained eye they appear nothing more than sticks stuck in the ground. But that's just because of the expert pruning they've undergone at the hands of the pruning experts at Miller Nurseries, and I understand that they'll be bursting with leaves, flowers, and fruit any moment now. In the trees' defense, they did come in the mail so I'll give em a little time to get settled in before I start expecting, you know, branches and things.

Also in the birthday present was four more blueberry bushes (similarly compressed for shipping), but I didn't get a chance to plant them yet. Oh how I hope they may survive until I get a chance to prepare a place for them.


your grandfather would be proud

For the trees or the folk wisdom? I remember he had strawberries, but I didn't know he was interested in fruit trees too.

Also, the blueberries are now planted and remain alive. So far.

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