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birth announcement

Mama kissing the newborn baby

she loves him already

We have a new baby! He surprised us quite a bit, first by getting the whole labor thing started a couple weeks early, then by being born after less than two hours of labor, and finally by being a boy when all stomach analysis indicated there was a girl in there. But no, he's a boy and he was in a hurry. I give you Zion Greig Archibald:

Zion is well-built for a newborn

big and strong!

He was born at 1:16 this afternoon and weighed in at 9lb even (but he cheated and snuck in a nursing before the weigh-in so who knows). Harvey napped pretty much through the whole labor, so he was fairly surprised too when he woke up and was told he was now a big brother. After just a little uncertainty, though, he settled right into the role.

Mama reading to Harvey and Zion

look how well they get along already!

Just like he was with Harvey Rascal was very interested as soon as Zion was born and didn't want to leave the bedroom, much less the house. The two of them are already very well acquainted.

We're all doing fine, and very much appreciate everyone's thoughts and prayers and well-wishes. Feel free to stop by and visit our new little guy... in a week or so, once we get used to him ourselves. In the meantime any additional photos (that we manage to refrain from putting on the blog) will appear at

And hey, we were sure quicker with this announcement than we were last time, eh?


Oh yeah, and it'll take me a little time to get him onto the masthead and everything. Cut me some slack, I've got a newborn here!


I never knew you guys were such Matrix fans. Good work!

yippeee for awesome sweet babies! hooray for baby brothers for Harvey! Ollie was happy Harvey has a baby brother now too. congrats Archibalds! Go Leah the mighty! smooches from over here at the Stevens!

congratulations!!!! what a wonderful surprise :)
love to all!


CONGRATULATIONS!!! Sounds like you guys didn't have to wait forever for this one :) Looks like everyone is healthy and happy!! Big Big hugs to all!!

WOW this post was super fast! Congradulation I am so happy for you all. Love xxoo wag wag!

Thanks so much everyone!!!


Congratulations Leah, Danny, & Harvey!!! Excellent News, and I love the name - its very strong!

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